Aggressive Mutilator / Cadaveric Possession - Influx of Hatred

Cadaveric Possession / Aggressive Mutilator – „Influx of Hatred”
Split – Limited edition, 500 Copies
Mythrone Promotion / Bestial Invasion Records

Two totally devoted to the Underground bands, Aggressive Mutilator from Norrköping (Sweden) and Cadaveric Possession from Krakow (Poland) sharing this split, released in collaboration between Polish Mythrone Promotion and Bestial Invasion Records from Sweden.
I’m sure most of the people from outside Metal community have had say that „Metal is just a bunch of shouting, there’s no melody, anyone can play it”, or at least words to that effect. At this point the general response is to bring up a few bands that disprove that; normally by name-dropping some bands with highbrow pretensions, Agalloch or Opeth or what have you. Nothing wrong with being an apologist, but it’s hardly necessary. The songs on this album consist of a Polish and Swedish shouting over unmelodic and simple riffs that a six year old with cerebral palsy could play. Also, it’s freaking awesome and a reminder that Metal is great just the way it is, noisy, offensive and obnoxious!

The Polish-Swedish invention titled „Influx of hatred” begins the Cadaveric Possession from Krakow. Everything that I love about 80’s and early 90’s of obscure Metal is here: pummeling and galloping drum lines; thick, ballsy riffing; and a general rabid, primal attitude. This is the same solid, pummeling, fist-pumping metal that we all know and we (should) love it; thrashing riffs, pounding drums with minimalistic fills and bass lines that you can’t even hear. Cadaveric Possession part of this split is quite a blatant example, and shows us a band that delivers a narrow brand of music, but delivers it rightfully so by capitalizing on a primitive, disgusting and dirty mentality.The amazing thing about this five tracks is that while it does invoke a tad of nostalgia, it stands on its own more than just an imitation of the real thing. This album is a nonstop hellride of primal, headbanging anthems with a crusty, primitive guitar tone that is to die for.

Just like on the previous release,full lenght „Det djävlanästet”, which I had the pleasure to review, Aggressive Mutilator infuses their blend of primitive punkish BM with lyrics about sickness, evil and lust.Riffs are simple and repetitive; a sort of proto black feel with some punk influence in the simple, power chord riffing. Production noisy and filthy, but with a pretty decent mix job and clarity; essentially the perfect sound for this music. It’s just such a simple and good style- the drums have maybe three or four different drum beats, the bass doing naught but anchoring the guitars- but it’s so perfect, so addictive. A soup of primordial noise that brings various cavemen feelings to life.. It’s oppressive and heavy as anything you’ve heard, but yet brings along this strange sense of abandonment and even joy.

Overall, this is a killer release. If you like polished, trigger-heavy mainstream metal, you won’t enjoy this. Also, you should kill yourself. However, those looking for something that’s heavy, raw, and completely awesome would be well advised to get this split album.