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BLOOD STRONGHOLD – „Spectres of Bloodshed”

by Herr Mariano

BLOOD STRONGHOLD Spectres of Bloodshed Nebular Carcoma / Satanik Requiem 2 July 2020 NEBULAR CARCOMA, in conspiracy with Satanik Requiem, is proud to present BLOOD STRONGHOLD’s highly anticipated third album, Spectres of Bloodshed, on vinyl LP format. For the past six years, BLOOD STRONGHOLD have prolifically pursued their vision of black metal, strongly (and bloodily) rooted […]

ASTRIFEROUS – „The Lower Levels of Sentience”

by Herr Mariano

ASTRIFEROUS The Lower Levels of Sentience Me Saco Un Ojo 7 August 2020 ME SACO UN OJO RECORDS is proud to present ASTRIFEROUS’ striking debut mini-album, The Lower Levels of Sentience, on 12″ vinyl format. Pulverised Records shall be handling the CD version, while Desert Wastelands Productions will handle the tape version. Hailing from Costa Rica, […]

PROSANCTUS INFERI – „Hypnotic Blood Art”

by Herr Mariano

PROSANCTUS INFERI Hypnotic Blood Art LP/TAPE Nuclear War Now! Productions 15 August 2020 For 15 years, Ohio’s Prosanctus Inferi has unassumingly amassed an impressive catalog of deviant black/death metal. Their sound is distinctive and warped, as are the accompanying conceptual explorations and aesthetic visions. On Prosanctus Inferi’s third full-length, Hypnotic Blood Art, the band has further refined its approach, […]