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by Herr Mariano

Vacant Eyes – „A Somber Preclusion of Being” Independent „A collection of thoughts and perspective for those who share the dream of an alternate ending to existence.” – A Somber Preclusion of Being, as envisioned by Josh Moran, Vacant Eyes’ lyricist and main songwriter.With their 2020 debut studio full length album „A Somber Preclusion of […]


by Herr Mariano

They Leapt from Burning Windows – „Demo 2020” Limited edition Tape – 100 Copies Lycaean Triune Conjured from cold winds and grey days, They Leapt From Burning Windows emerge again to debut 6 tracks of raw melodic black metal tinged with longing and hate. Composed & recorded at the Unsafe Space in Anchorage, Alaska over […]


by Herr Mariano

Stromptha – „Endura Pleniluniis” Satanath Records Limited Edition – 500 Copies Stromptha is a metal music project that was brought to life in 2009 by a musician using the initial J. in Qaanaaq in the northwest of Greenland.On July 21, 2019, Stromptha recorded a demo entitled „Endura”. The Russian music label Satanath Records, cooperating with […]