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Железный Поток (IRON STREAM)

by Herr Mariano

Железный Поток – „Mystic” Defense Records The band is named after „The Iron Flood” (1924), a novel by Russian/Soviet writer Alexander Serafimovich about the Russian Civil War.Железный Поток-Zhelezny Potok (Iron Stream in English), formed in 1988, in Krasnogorsk, Russia nearby Moscow. Железный Поток are one of the few Russian thrash metal bands from the old […]


by Herr Mariano

Totalitarian – „Bloodlands” EP Barren Void Records When you take a look at the Italian black metal scene it’s hard to notice any worthy efforts. Some medicore attempts but finally there’s a blaze in the Italian sky!After releasing their first album „De Arte Tragoediae Divinae”, Totalitarian was considered by many metalheads as one of the […]


by Herr Mariano

Nuclear Holocaust – „The Book of Doom” Compilation Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion Well, this is a band that I didn’t bother to check out until recently. And I regret it. This is grind at it’s best: harsh growls, pretty simple and catchy guitar work, some crunchy basslines and pretty acceptable drumming. Yes, it’s not […]