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by Herr Mariano

Kinestence – „Transmutation” Independent „Everything began from music. From music school, through passion for listening to the same bands to first music projects. The music is part of our lives. It’s neverending project we still working on and we try to keep develop. Through years we’ve been striving for better and better results, no matter […]


by Herr Mariano

Diabolic Night – „Evil Night” Re-release Turanian Honour Productions Where the hell are these guys from? They were formed in 2014 in the depths of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a city known to produce some of the best known underground metal bands. How come I haven’t heard about them ’til now? To the best of my […]


by Herr Mariano

Black Smoke – „Holy Reptilian Mother” Independent / HEAVISION.com The production of „Holy Reptilian Mother” is the first thing that is going to make people run away from this release. This is not your typical meat and potatoes metal recording; this is powerful vintage sludge heaviness, which means that the sound is layered, exciting, unique […]