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Haeretical Psalmody – „Heretic” Unsigned Independent

by Herr Mariano

Haeretical Psalmody-„Heretic”Unsigned/independentIt is great pleasure that I can confirm that the Haeretical Psalmody debut „Heretic”offering a very good sound quality yet retains that all important unpolished feel with the atmosphere of darkness and fear.With there roots firmly implanted within the Black Metal genre, the band have brought in more of a Death Metal vibe as […]

Penumbra – Invoking the Ancient Horde of War and Darkness

by Herr Mariano

  Penumbra – Invoking the Ancient Horde of War and Darkness   I like this album a whole hell of a lot!Topping the first, It carries a sort of dark primal aura and mysticism. To me this is what true black metal is about.The musicians present on this record should be congratulated. They play their […]

Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent

by Herr Mariano

Hatecrowned – Newborn Serpent  Satanah Productions Yes. This comes definately out of hell. I’m sure! This album is a great punch in the face!”Newborn Serpent”has even more death metal influences then it’s predecessor debut EP”Warpact in Black”and takes the aggression to an even higher level. Especially the songs „Coronation of the Eternal and Pure” and […]