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Alastor Sanguinary Embryo-„For Satan and the Ruin of the Divine” Satanath Records

by Herr Mariano

  Alastor Sanguinary Embryo – „For Satan and the Ruin of the Divine”Satanath RecordsNot only this band is the quintessential expression of orchestral black metal, but this album expresses the ultimate rendition of it. Not for the layman taste, this album is not only a perfect example of integrating classical elements into black mental, but […]

Edenkaiser „Dominum Ex Mortis” (2015)

by Herr Mariano

  Edenkaiser – „Dominum Ex Mortis” (2015) Morbid Shrine Productions This is Edenkaiser first full-length album, consisting of 8 tracks, one of which is an intro, and clocking in around 35 minutes. The intro in question is a short two-minute affair, whose riffs nonetheless carry a certain „majesty” to them that makes it very memorable. […]

Demonic Obedience – Morbid Supremacy of Evil (2014)

by Herr Mariano

Demonic Obedience – „Morbid Supremacy of Evil” (2014) Azermedoth Records „Demonic Obedience is a one man band which raised from the ashes of Deceptive Incarnation. Founded by George Ntavelas and George Seremetis in early 2013 under the name of ”The Deepest”, the band’s future was destined to change, in a couple of months, from a […]