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by Herr Mariano

Invocation Spells – „Unholy Blasphemies” Limited edition – 500 Copies Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion For Chilean metalheads into extreme metal, Invocation Spells is a well known act. Despite this album being their debut, they have a handful of full-lenghts where the formula has not changed a bit.This Chilean duo, consisting of the appropriately named […]


by Herr Mariano

Maggoth – „Maggoth” Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion Maybe someone else also remembers the Maggoth,Polish band from Pabianice, which 8 years ago released quite a neat debut „System Error” in the climate of the Bay Area Titan’s. But with the new album,Maggoth decided to completely rebuild their style and surprise the scene with a album, […]


by Herr Mariano

Infest – „Anger Will Remain” Limited edition,500 copies – Re-release Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion Infest was formed in the cold winter days by Vandal (rhythm guitar/vocal), David (solo guitar), Anta (bass) and Dusan (drums) in Jagodina, Serbia, with clear idea of playing Old-School Death/Thrash Metal!By the end of 2006, Vandal and Dusan are entering […]