Hell » The CRYPT


by Herr Mariano

IDOLOS (Atmospheric Venusian Black Metal) has just released another cover song. This time, they pay tribute to the Greek legends Varathron by covering the anthemic  ‘’Lustful Father’’.This cover is the third cover released by Idolos after their Mortuary Drape and Rotting Christ tribute. This triptych of devotional covers is now closed and IDOLOS are nearly […]

DEATHSIEGE: Israeli black-death metallers to release „Unworthy Adversary” via Dawnbreed Records!

by Herr Mariano

Savagery and mayhem. Enter „Unworthy Adversary”, the second demo from Israeli duo DEATHSIEGE, an upheaval of maniacal Death/Black Metal in seven blunt and precise strikes. From the first notes of „Drowned by Murderous Force”, we are ferociously dragged into a rollercoaster of fast blistering blast beats, punishing riffs and roaring possessed vocals, an ultra-intense ride which while providing […]

ACROSS THE SWARM: Italian death metallers to release new album in September

by Herr Mariano

Italian death metallers ACROSS THE SWARM premiere a guitars/bass playthrough video of their new album’s title track, „Projections”, HERE! ACROSS THE SWARM have announced their new album „Projections” will finally drop on September 4th 2020 via Time To Kill Records. Get ready to enjoy all the madness! „Projections” was originally scheduled for release in April, but owing to the Coronavirus epidemic that was hitting Italy and the rest […]