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Pre-release stream of the new SANDBREAKER album

by Herr Mariano

In mid-July 2020, the first longplay by SANDBREAKER from Poland, entitled „Worm Master”, will be released. The band, which marked their presence on the death/doom stage last year with a clear accent in the form of their debut mini album „Sandbreaker”, prepared material which is even heavier and more raw than before. On „Worm Master”, […]

LUNAR APPARITIONS to release BAŠMU’s second album on CD – features members of FLEŠŠ

by Herr Mariano

Lunar Apparitions, a division of Nebular Carcoma, announces August 6th as the international release date for Bašmu‚s haunting second album, VVitchblood, on CD format. Bašmu is the sole domain of the mysterious Xülthysy, who’s also insanely prolific across other such projects as Flešš – with whom LUNAR APPARITIONS reissued their debut album and demo on separate A5 digipack editions last year – […]

MARTHE stream CALIGARI debut EP at „Decibel” magazine’s website – features member of HORROR VACUI

by Herr Mariano

Epic black/crust insurgents Marthe stream their striking debut EP, Sisters of Darkness, at Decibel magazine’s website. Hear Marthe‚s Sisters of Darkness in its entirety HERE. Marthe is a one-woman band from Italy who recorded a DIY demo in 2019 that is now being reissued by Caligari. The lady behind it is Marzia, current drummer in D-beat crews Kontatto and Tuono and guitar player in deathrockers Horror Vacui. […]