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SIGNAL REX set a special compilation from Pantheon of Blood, „Voices Rooted in Blood”, on CD and vinyl LP formats

by Herr Mariano

Founded in 2009, Pantheon of Blood had their aesthetic nailed down from the start: gnawing, tense black metal, somehow sky-spanning and even a bit mystical. That they hailed from Finland’s always-fertile black metal underground was both a surprise, and it wasn’t; certainly the quality was just as high as those who came before, but alongside such bands […]

KRYPTA NICESTWA release via HARVEST OF DEATH a new mini-album

by Herr Mariano

Harvest of Death – a division of Signal Rex – release a new mini-album from Poland’s fast-rising Krypta Nicestwa, Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw, on single-sided 12″ vinyl format. Although a relatively new entity, forming in 2018, Krypta Nicestwa have feverishly built a considerable canon across two demos and two splits. Across those short-lengths, the duo have duly displayed their geographical constitution, honoring their […]

GRAFVITNIR to have cult debut album reissued by CLAVIS SECRETORVM

by Herr Mariano

Clavis Secretorvm release Grafvitnir’s cult debut album, NâHásh, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats. Originally released in 2012 but only in extremely limited quantities – both as vinyl picture disc and CDR – NâHásh humbly began Grafvitnir’s ascent from the underground into modern black metal royalty. However, Grafvitnir’s by-now-signature attack is anything but “modern.” Exquisitely and restlessly melodic, its sulfurous fire […]