Dira Mortis - Euphoric Convulsions

Dira Mortis – „Euphoric Convulsions”
Re-release – Limited edition,500 copies
Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

Almost anytime I had found out about a band from my fatherland Poland I could be almost positive about the chance it would be top quality Metal. 80 percent of all bands I have listened to from Poland in last 25 years have been impressive to say the least. Dira Mortis may have been the band who set the standards. Do they breed other Polish musicians purposely over there? I could go crazy naming off all of the bands from my country who will rip your skull from your shoulders with the intensity, brutality, and most importantly the talent that is overflowing from the Polish metal community.With that said, I will talk a bit about a band…
Dira Mortis is death metal band from Poland formed in 1998 and and playing with a short break to this day. Defense Records together with Mythrone Production vacuums and brings out of existence the Dira Mortis debut album from 2012 by reissue with a changed cover and limited edition. This re-edition intends to defend the band against those who feel it’s just “another typical death metal project from Poland” and that it lacks originality; but such a comparison cannot be made, since one of the main highlights of this opus is its uniqueness. Of course one could say “they didn’t bring anything new” but for those familiar with DM, you will find many usual aspects pieced together into a brand new puzzle; for those who are not, keep reading.
It also intends to try to get Dira Mortis more wide-spread recognition, since they still seem pretty obscure, despite all those years serving the art of extreme metal.
Dira Mortis are neither ultra-technical, nor hyper-speed, nor way beyond brutal, but are talented and well inspired. Each member has mastered their instruments well enough to produce personal subtleties within the whirling chaos of their dark and aggressive music. And after all those years, „Euphoric Convulsions” still sounds cool. This is some really great, brutal death metal with that old school feeling, which you may remember from the early recordings of Benediction, Krabathor, Vital Remains, Sinister, etc. Their songs are aggressive as fuck but at the same time Dira Mortis does not avoid being melodic, with some almost thrash metal guitar solos and simply being catchy and memorable. Honestly speaking, the album today sounds quite uneven for me.
Almost every imaginable type of rhythmic guitar part is used throughout the album. They range from slow mid-tempo thrash inspired wrist hits to violent fast notes. They can be very basic, including slides, palm-muting, semi-harmonics, sweeping even, but are always effective. Many times, they are intentionally made simple and thus give emphasis to the music as a whole. They are a very good balance between brutal and melodic.If you want, you can headbang to every riff on this album.
It can be somewhat overwhelming when you realize just how pummeling and destructive the sound of the guitar is. There is truly a brutal aspect to what Dira Mortis have accomplished here. The double bass is fast, constant, and unrelenting. The drums are slightly quieter than what I would prefer, but you can hear every technical blast and fill. A lot of the songs follow a similar sound that is truly one only Dira Mortis has been able to conjure up.
„Euphoric Convulsions” is not extremely technical, nor are there a load of brazen melodies or distinctions; but despite its blunt simplicity, the traces of „old” thrash and dark atmosphere of the recording combine for what deserves at least the status of a minor cult classic.
This album is indubitably a valuable gem. I have converted a few who cared enough to listen carefully to worship this band. Hopefully, you will become one of those people too.