Empheris / Death Invoker – „Impure Spirits of Destruction”
Split – Limited Edition, 500 Copies
Old Temple

Split EMPHERIS (Poland) / DEATH INVOKER (Peru) was created in hellish combination of dark forces.Both hordes spat out a ruthless mix of aggressive Black / Thrash / Death Metal and result is „Impure Spirits of Destruction”, a eighteen minutes of uncompromising underground Metal music.

Empheris are veterans of the Polish metal underground from Warsaw. The group has three full albums and a whole lot of demos, EPs and splits.Empheris part of split is a perfect one for lovers of primitive, yet well – written and well – executed old – school metal. You know what primitivity I mean, sometimes it gets into obscure heavy metal territories. On two songs(first is a intro) Empheris deliver simple black/thrash metal but one can easily work out that it’s like that beacuse they want it this way. Simple riffs, drums pounding onward in motorhead – style rhythms and a classical raw black/thrash vocal.There are also some cool nihilistic lyrics to be found here too. If you like metal the old, headbanging and unfashionable way go and check out Empheris – this one’s for headbangers and old metal maniacs, not for music class geeks.

Shit yea! Death Invoker kick down some serious bestial black/death metal on they two songs plus intro, side of the split.If you’re looking for melody, musical progression or accessibility then you’ll be disappointed. Death Invoker uses Blasphemy-esque riffs with a greater emphasis on sounding evil and speeds it up a bit, a sense of chaos coming with that. It could be best explained as the exact mid-point between Blasphemy and Revenge.The music is abrasive and requires an understanding of this style before one can really appreciate it. Many will write this off as obnoxious noise without realising that that is what Death Invoker set out to acheive anyway. Death Invoker is some solid bestial/ war black metal. If I could describe this in one word it would be crude. If you dig Blasphemy and Conqueror and that newer one Blasphemophagher and all that jazz, this is right up your alley.If you don’t like it, stay away from it. Remember the first time you heard death metal and it went straight over your head because it was so extreme? Death Invoker is like that. This is highly recommended for fans of real black/death metal. I can’t wait for new material from these maniacs!