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1.Dāvis,How did you find out about Metal, what’s the reason for your addiction? What was your first Metal record and the first gig you saw?

My “addiction” started when I was 13 years old. I was with some friends, when one of them put on Metallica’s Ride the Lightning (song). It just caught my attention in a somewhat profound way. I’d say Ride the Lightning was my first record. Later I discovered more and more thrash metal – nuclear assault, toxic holocaust and of course – Slayer. At the same time, I was getting in to hardcore punk, grind core and brutal death metal.
As for the first gig, it would have to be Overkill + Survive, during their 2013 European Killfest tour. I was probably 17-18, my hair was long and my brain was numb with beer. One hell of a night.

2.You have been playing / are playing in quite an array of bands, Death, Black and beyond, how did you come up with idea of making a band like Eremos? Is it a one-man project since the early years?

Yes, I’ve been in quite many bands. Thrash metal, Deathcore, Hardcore punk, Old school death metal and Black metal. Everything, in a sense, has led to the formation of Eremos. I’ve melted down everything I like from all my favorite genres and made something, in my mind, coherent and singular. It all started with the song “A River of Iron”. Originally, it was meant to be a part of Velnezer’s double album (I: Es uzcēlu durvis tīrumā / II: Drīz mūsu gravās atkal zāle dīgs). But the track lists were done, so a left over song became more songs and eventually an album.
Eremos has always been a one-man project. Will it stay that way? Who’s to know.

3.Eremos is a one-man band, a phenomenon that has quite bloomed the last years, is it too hard to find a full band of likeminded people nowadays, or what is your explanation on it?

I bet if I lived in a bigger country, with more people in the scene, I’d find a live line up. But my country is small and so is the scene. There are people, who have come forward, willing to play live. But the main issue is finding a drummer. I’ve seen people waste years sitting in the studio without a drummer, never actually finding one. When I’ll find a capable drummer, I’ll start looking for others.

4.Was it clear for you right from the start that the result definitely had to be Black Metal? What is so fascinating for you about this musical genre?

Yes, from day one black metal was going to be the musical core of Eremos. Still, I knew I wanted to add a lot of doom and other stuff in there. What’s so fascinating about lack metal is that it lends itself well to absurdity. To elaborate – otherwise weird and unconventional sounds, song structures and textures fit well in to black metal. There’s a lot of artistic freedom and musical diversity.

5.Did you actually follow the “evolution” of Black Metal, from the good old days of early MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM etc. up to the time when most of the bands involved ended up sounding rather stupid and mainly seemed to care for the big success instead of the creation of frightening anti-commercial Satanic music?

I might get some hate for this, but, I’ve never really liked 90’s black metal. I have true respect for those bands for what they’ve done and there’s a couple of records here and there that I might enjoy, but in general – not my cup of tea. And since Im not a fan of those bands, I dont really care that much who sells out and who doesn’t.

6.You released your first record, a debut full-lenght „The Glass Mind of a Recluse”, last year,independently without any label support only in digital version. But a little later you agreed on a re-release on CD through local Metalkalve, who put out „The Glass Mind of a Recluse” again this year… Tell us more about the intention behind this…

Going under a banner wasn’t really a concious effort, given that the initial mind set putting out The Glass Mind of a Recluse was – do everything on my own and lets see how far this thing goes. However, when Gints from Metalkalve reached out to me with a proposal to make physical copies – It was a mutually beneficial thing. In doing so, Metalkalve has given Eremos a chance to grow and reach further. Adding to that, Gints is a well known person in the Latvian metal scene and both he and Metalkalve has my trust.

7.What do you expect from the work of this label and you satisfied with the result? Will you continue to work with Gints – Metalkalve in the future?

I have no expectations. My only intent is to make more music and release it. At the same time, Im sure this releationship will we a fruitful one and Im truly grateful for all the help Metalkalve has offered.

8.What inspires you most when writing new songs, lyrics and riffs? Do you need to be in a certain mood to hit it of the right atmosphere?

Like with most artists, its always something different. Since im a guitarist first and everything else second, the song starts and rotates around the riff’s. Contrary to what people might thing, I write my darkest stuff when im in a really good and relaxed mood. Sometimes it might take months of my guitar collecting dust. Then, I pick it up for a minute or so to kill the time and I end up writing a whole song in a few hours. Sometimes I hear a few notes somewhere, like background music in a TV show, or the different pitched squeaks the railroad tracks next to my house make – and develop that melody in to a riff. As for the lyrics – when I think of a concept, I already know the story. Its just a matter of writing the words down.

9.How would you describe Eremos sound? It is quite an unusual mix to me!Very sinister,dark ,brutal and blasphemous Black Metal on one hand,meets majestatic doom metal paterns in classic way. In what „category” would you put Eremos?

The Glass Mind of a Recluse, to me, is a blackened doom record. On one hand, you have speed, agression, rawness. On the other – tension, harmony, release. In my opinion, these two styles compliment each other very well. Its a hard contrast designed to make the other stand out more. An agressive blast beat part sounds so much more rewarding and punishing after a slow, clean doom part than if were just straight blast beats for the whole album. I do enjoy bands that do that too, but I choose to write my music this way.

10.Would you mind telling us a little bit more about the artwork, how much does the cover art on „The Glass Mind of a Recluse” represent the lyrics and what it’s supposed to represent for you?

The artwork is an altered version of Saint Jerome as a hermit by Jan Lievens. The album art represents the emotional and physical state of my world during the creation of the album. The despair and paradoxical necessity of solitude. The character in the painting exemplifies the duality of these feelings – naked, alone, in a dark cave. In his face, I can see worry, fear, even guilt. But at the same time – there’s peace, silence, focus, contemplation and even relief.

11.How important are the lyrics for you and for EREMOS? Can you give an overview of the lyrics on “The Glass Mind of a Recluse”? What does the title mean anyway, is there a concept behind the lyrics on this one?

As I’ve said in the past – Eremos is a documentation. A documentation of me, my life, my views. Things I find myself thinking about. Things that have, are and will happen to me and others. Think of Eremos as my diary. As for the album tittle – I am the recluse. And glass ir fragile.

12.Lyrics – most of the true Black Metal people connect this music exclusively with Satanic topics. Do you share these thoughts?

No, I would say – absolutely not. Faith, as a lyrical subject, only appears in one song so far – Quiet Retching Ones. As I’ve said, Eremos is like a personal journal. The songs reflect my thoughts, experiences and opinions. Satanism certainly has it’s place in black metal, no doubt. But, I feel that the whole satanic theme has lost it’s shock value and dare I say – relevance during the years.

13.What do you think about religion in general,do you think it is still strong and important in our society? How do you think can one weaken or even destroy the church’s influence?What relations do you have to occult, satanic or anti-christian works or attitudes?Please unveil some details about Eremos message and views!

I truly think, that religion IS poison. And yes, it’s still strong and important. It’s said, that there are more christians alive right now, than there have ever lived and died. And its not just christianity – the rise of islam in europe aswell. I might not go so far as to say religion will be the end of civilisation. But it’s certainly a hindrance to the progress of humanity.
I do have a fascination with the occult, but I refuse to believe in anything spiritual in a litteral way.

14.What is your opinion about the Latvian Black & Death Metal scene at the moment? I think with bands like Skyforger, Druun,Velnezers,Urskumug or yours Eremos the Latvian underground is quite prospering, do you agree? Are there any new, talented underground bands, you heard of?

I think the Latvian black/death scene is doing ok. There’s not a lot of bands, but everyone has a very unique taste and twist on what they’re doing. As for Skyforger, thats a special case. It’s admirable for how long they’ve had the throne in the Latvian metal scene. And they’re still relevant and sound great in my opinion. As for other more, lets say – obscure projects, I would say, for one – Svēte, Velnezer’s other guitarists project. I wont risk any offence by trying to put a genre lable on it, but I’ll say this – it’s different and certainly an acquired taste. No use trying to describe something, that can only be experienced. The other would deffinately have to be Eschatos. They’re simply amazing and miles ahead of everyone else in the scene. The band is basically an all star team of Latvian metal musicians and they create some of the most unique dark music I’ve heard.

15.What have been the latest albums and / or demos that really impressed you? Do you follow the local scene with interest or is it more like, you only get to hear new stuff every once in a while?

It’s been a year or two since I’ve found something Im truly impressed with. Lately I’ve been stuck listening to older, tried and true stuff. Im still waiting for the next big thing, what ever that is. In the mean time, anything dissonant from Iceland seems to do the trick.

16.Since „The Glass Mind of a Recluse” is nearly a two years old by now,have you already started working on your second album? Feel free to tell us some little details already about possible new Eremos tracks and how they might sound, compared to the material on „The Glass Mind of a Recluse”.

Yes, actually 90% of the album is already written. Recording is scheduled for the end of july this year (2020). Im still shifting things around, adding and trashing a track or two, but the general framework is there.
This next album will be more focused, more coherent compared to The glass mind. The songs will have a similar mood to them, they’ll sound like they’re from the sound album, if that makes sense. There will be more dissonance, more (hopefuly) memorable riffs and melodies. It’ll be darker, more miserable. Production wise, it’ll still sound modern and crisp, just not so chrystal clear as The glass mind.

17.Dāvis,any last words to the fucking maniacs out there? Anything you wish to add?What are the next steps in Eremos blasphemous conquest?

My next steps are – write and release more music. To anyone reading this – thank you for your time. That is all. IX