1.What does the Eskhaton band name, your logo mean to you? Did you choose that name because it fits to your music or it has a deeper meaning? How did you get the name?

I. Hails, ESKHATON is total fucking death, it is the end of existence. It is the finality of all things, the name is a reflection of the destructive chaos and insanity of our music. ESKHATON is Death. It relates completely with our personal beliefs of Total Death.

W. Go home and fuckin kill yourself.


2.The new „Omegalitheos” album is a mixture of catchiness but also barbarism. Tracks are strong enough, memorable, but it’s all wrapped up in unleashed brutality leading to chaos. Do you perceive it alike?

I. Yes, all ESKHATON albums are a journey toward total death and that journey involves chaos and savagery.

M. Of course.


3.Which ingredients are needed to create the malicious music as Eskhaton does? Where do you take so much madness, darkness and hatred?

I. We are filled with the madness of the death deities, with a disgust for life and the heavens, we expell the chaos in the name of the truth, nothing can escape Death! Hail Satan! Fuck your lives and fuck your afterlife’s.

M. The drive and will to push yourself further as a musician and build upon ideas already present but take them to the absolute extreme.


4.Many Death Metal bands play only rhythmic and often soulless Death Metal without atmosphere, only with the necessary morbidity and violence, but when I hear your riffs, my mind immediately recognized names like Sadistic Intent, Pentacle, Possessed, Necrovore, Order From Chaos, Nunslaughter, The Chasm and the like. How do you perceive the depth and the spiritual atmosphere in extreme music?

I. The music and lyrics go together and our subject is death, horror, doom, chaos, insanity, and the music reflects these feelings while maintaining complete savagery.

M. There are thousands of death metal bands around the globe but so few understand what it takes to ooze of morbidity and evil. It is important to be able to actually have that element to your music, otherwise you just sound like every total fuckin’ shit band that doesn’t take their music seriously.


5.Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Eskhaton is a literal connection of names I mentioned above, rather I meant you fall into category of bands that have a strong sense of innovation, creativity and own vision of ugliness, but also futurism. Your work combines an inhuman atmosphere with perfect technical riffs, heavy crushing brutality and great compositing flow, everything goes hand in hand. How did you learn to compose such complex and deep riffs?

I. It is our will and intent that drives us to push ourselves beyond our own boundaries. It is our taste and passion for extreme death that results in the style and sound.


6.Your style of Death Metal is pretty grim, dark and scary, only the true Death Metal can embody such emotions. It seems you are true warriors on Death Metal battlefield… Have you ever thought why you have developed in this direction and not more close to Black Metal for example?

I. Because to achieve true chaos we must not hold limits on ourselves with any genre, we write what we want, chaos, heavy, brutal, horror, insanity, whirlwinds, technical or simple. We are Death Metal but the reason I describe Eskhaton as ‘psychotic bestial Death Metal of absolute chaos and total death’ is that we have influences and ideas outside of Death Metal, but we maintain using those influences and ideas as Death Metal.


7.How would you compare your previous full-lenghts,”Nihilgoety” and „Worship Death” with the new „Omegalitheos” ? Where can you see the biggest difference? Are you a band that wants to develop, or your way has been given from the outset and it’s unchangeable?

I. We are both set in our ways and progressing without straying from the origin. ‘Omegalitheos’ takes the previous albums to the next level in speed , savage ferocity, chaos, doom, horror and has a heavier production than the previous albums.

M. We would like to develop in terms of pushing ourselves to our utmost extreme every release. Bands that give out some bullshit spiel saying that ‘this is our best work to date’, yet it is mediocre as fuck, need to focus more on writing better music.


8.”Omegalitheos” is perfect, even at first listening I had shivers down my spine and a more detailed listening has confirmed that you clearly belong among the bands who know what they want, it is my personal view. What kind of reactions have you got to the new material?

I. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback for ‘Omegalitheos’. One guy loved the album so much he ripped his head off his shoulders and there’s been reports of mass suicides in church’s around the world after someone locked them in and played ‘Omegalitheos’ at full volume.

M. I wouldn’t say ‘Omegalitheos’ is easy listening. We have received a lot of positive feedback from this album in spite of that.


9.What expectations have you had from „Omegalitheos” before entering the studio? Has the result come out exactly to your expectations? How much are you satisfied with the result now?

I. We are all very satisfied with the outcome, there is always things that can be improved on for the next recordings but as it is we are 100% satisfied and continue with our goal to out do it on the next album. We aren’t the type to become complacent our goal is to always increase the chaos and savagery.


10.How are your songs created? Who brings the most ideas and how you consult the songs? Aren’t there collisions between some members of the band then?

I. Individual riffs are written and when we have enough we begin to create an order for the structure of the music. We all know what we are creating and ideas are easily taken on by each other as they never contradict our intent.


11.It is obvious you pay attention to everything, from the feeling and atmosphere, which evaporates from the music, enduring brutality and aggression that are in balance, through the band’s image, photos, cover arts to the lyrics component, just a comprehensive image of the band. .. Each component must be orthodox and dark. Do you find music as the most relevant, or entirely all from these things?

I. The music is most relevant or all the other elements would be diminished in value, but it is essential for us to create the entire vision in all aspects.


12.Can you write where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics and who writes them? What importance do you give to your lyrics? Many bands take a lyric page only as an element of the atmosphere or just as a fun cliché. Do words you write mean something more to you? What subjects inspire you most?

I. The lyrics are very important, as I said all elements are considered in detail. The lyrics are real and undeniable, Total Death is upon us all. It is our beliefs in Total Death.


13.H.P. Lovecraft is a common influence for Heavy Metal bands since the early ’80s, and of course you worship him as well. Did you have a deep knowledge of occultism, mythology and Satanism? What is your ideological relationship with death?

I. Death is visible in all life, mathematics and science equate life’s ultimate destination as Zero multiplied by infinity. I use the Occult, Mythology, Satanism, Life and Death, and Science. Chaos dominates life and Death is inescapable.


14.In what do you believe? The majority of Australians seem to be catholic, so I’m wondering if you are a religious guy and that the whole lyrical concept is just an image, like it is for many other bands of that genre as well? Or do you take this very serious and consider Eskhaton as a kind of rebellion and fight against christianity?

I. ESKHATON is defiant to all religion and Heavens not just Christianity, fuck the rest of you heaven worshippers too, whatever religion.
I don’t personally know any heaven worshippers writing extreme metal. It is all Athiests, Nihilists and Satanists, maybe a few Agnostics.
ESKHATON lyrics are deadly serious.


15.Do you think without religions, Christianity and God would not be Death and Black Metal? Do you think these themes are the basis for so much hate, defiance and resistance to create the art of left hand path?

I. No, there will always be darkness, chaos, evil.

W. I do not believe in fairytales , only the pure darkness of the void, go home and fuckin kill yourself.


16.It’s very interesting that „old” Death / Black Metal bands are going well in Australia and all your bands are really orthodox, from music itself through bands philosophy to image…no modern trends which flourish in other lands. How is it possible? Is it due to your natural mentality?

I. Yes, it is purely the expressions of the artists. Maybe it is due to how Australia was colonised that our mentality is fierce, but Australia is like all other countries in the world, filled with wimps too.
In the end it is the artists will and mentality not the place of origin. There are those in Hell serving the punishment and those in Hell being punished, but both are in Hell.


17.Do you listen to music from non Metal genres as well? Which ones? Or a you a total to-the-bone Metalhead that can’t stand any other stuff?

I. Extreme metal or die!


18.What are your plans for 2019? Are you just working on new material or are you also planning some live activities to promote the new album?

I. We are currently writing material for a split album and preparing for a short tour of Mexico and later in the year a small European tour and following the split album we will continue writing and begin the 4th album. The Vinyl version of ‘Omegalitheos’ is due in the first half of 2019.


19.Thank you for the dedicated time! End this interview as you want…

Total Fucking Death, Hail Satan! Worship Death or Fuck Off!