#1. Hell-o Mike! Welcome to Absit-Omen Webzine and thank you for this interview. What are you and the rest of Evil Incarnate currently up to? Answering tons of interviews, I suppose?

EvilMike- At this moment it is still only myself doing the band promotion as always since the beginning and I am not in contact with any of the past band members. I have been very busy with answering some interviews yes but most of my efforts go into writing and playing in my new band these days. The last I have heard my original Drummer Andy Vehnekamp has still been living far from me in Chicagoland area and is in his home State now of Texas touring with some Punk Rock bands. My Guitar player Rob Rigney has retired from Music to just be normal and boring family person working his life away to pay bills and listen to some woman telling him what to do like Soy Boy Pussy Boy, and my drummer Garrett Scanlan from “Waiting for his Return” Album is still Recording and Touring with band Lividity.

#2. There’s a fifteen years gap between “waiting for his return “ and the “Depopulation Agenda “ platter of Splatter. Does new Evil Incarnate material need to gestate and incubate a while before reaching its maximum potential? Besides that you all have employment and family obligations to attend to when Evil Incarnate is not Rehearsing, Recording or Touring right?

EvilMike- I do not have any family obligations I am a Man who makes my own way and Path. My wife respects that this is what I do and loves and supports me from the beginning. Of course I have had to work shitty jobs in the past but life is short and now I do what I wish and only book bands at local clubs. I have children that are all grown up now but even when they were young this was never a problem for me. I am patiently waiting to get Evil Incarnate on Tour with a full touring line up as soon as CONVID scam is over and The World opens eyes and ears.The reasons behind the long delay between last 2 Albums was always band members moving or being addicted to drugs and fucking yo our band and new members not being serious enough to last and wasting my time and finally I was so tired of all of this mess I retired for 6 or more years. Once I decided to come back it took me a few months to be able to play Guitar properly. As soon as I was ready I began to write the remaining songs.

#3. As you have probably noticed, many other Death Metal bands from those times- like Pestilence, Suffocation, Morgoth, Carcass, Atheist and so on, also ceased to exit due or hold on-to many reasons, but have all now made their return to the metal scene, and making albums again. What do you think about all this? I mean some of the old Death Metal bands reforming again and starting to make new stuff?

EvilMike- Possibly some of them had similarities to my situation and needed a break from it all! I hope that the reason they left is not due to lack of interest and money for such bands. Now that type of bands are in demand again so I think it is great that these bands can now help to show people what actual DM should be. When they are touring they will be performing a lot of the older songs for returning fans and a lot of the people who have stayed true to the scene are still around.I hope that these bands do not stop playing DM as we know and love it. I have heard many times now new Benediction “Scriptures “ Album and it is Amazing release for sure. 

#4. The brand new tracks you have already handed over to me sound absolutely stunning! By now your new album “Depopulation Agenda “ should be released and I hope you are satisfied with your Unholy creation. Please tell our readers more about what to expect?

EvilMike- Yes I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the new Album. It was great to finally get to record some songs I have had written from many years ago. Some of the songs on “Depopulation Agenda “ should have been on “Waiting for his Return “ or recorded not long after that release. We did a 2 song demo after Garrett Scanlan left to join Lividity and Andy Vehnekamp returned to the band. The demo was called “Enemy of God” and was also re leased in Italy and also France both on Cassettes with extra bonus tracks. The 2 songs are only available on YouTube now and the titles of these songs are “Gospel of Blasphemy “ & “Fortress of Sodom”. After this Andy left the band again.It had been such a long time since the last Album I decided after writing several new songs for this to also re record “Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ” and add a cover song from Dismember “Override of the Overture.” For sure if I had more time I would have done at least one more song. I did this recording all by myself Guitars, Bass & Vocals of course but also Drums had been programmed by Scott Creakmore and Guitar solos performed by Tom Bradner with Skip Mcgullam doing something guest Vocals on a couple tracks. I financed everything myself for recording and The Labels pay me in copies, hard work and also the pay for Artwork. This is all I ask because I want the fans to have it!

#5. There are 8 tracks on “Depopulation Agenda “ meaning there are nearly as much as 38 minutes of Death Metal, the one and only Evil Incarnate style. Did you use all the songs from your song writing sessions for this record, or did you have Even more songs written for this record that did not get fitted on the Album?

EvilMike- I used all the Material I had available at the time. After this I started working on songs for my new band Luna in Sanguinem. I still have been coming up with ideas for yet at least one more Evil Incarnate Album when time allows for this. I want to Tour for “Depopulation Agenda “ first. Also my current band Luna in Sanguinem are very active and I do not have any of the problems that plagued Evil Incarnate over all the years with band members so I put a lot of time, effort and finances into this new band. I do keep it different but since it is also my creation musically and lyrically I am certain people would notice some a Occasional similarities musically and or structurally. I of course write lyrics about other subjects. 

#6. Did the songs come easily together for “Depopulation Agenda “ when you were composing them for this record, or did you have some hard times sometime to come up with these songs or was it very easy?

EvilMike- in fact it was very easy for me. It had been so long since I had done this writing that I had so much inside of me waiting to come out. I wanted everyone to know that I was back and better than ever before. Top notch production and skills and much aggression. When I recorded the Vocals I wanted it to be my most Brutal and Evil work. Musically I wanted to stay true to myself first and if anyone else enjoyed this than that was just even better. I wanted to show everyone that True American Old School DM in the Blackening and Blasphemous way still exists.

#7. How much did you actually think of your previous works when you were doing this album, just to get into the right mood and the right song?

EvilMike- I never listen to myself. Even my current band members ask me if I listened to something we did and I do not. Only times I do is if we are in Recording studio or if we are reviewing some video work or someone else has it playing and I am around. I have not listened to my own Evil Incarnate Albums all of this 2020 year and some stuff even longer than a couple of years. If I begin Touring I will listen to the songs I need to do and practice them. This is when I will listen to it. I am always listening to other bands because first I am a fan of Metal and this is life for me. 2nd I am a Musician in a popular band.

#8. “Depopulation Agenda “ puts a little more emphasis on groove and the mid tempo sections are absolutely crushing. I guess it’s also a lot of interesting for you to play at different speeds instead of just blasting full speed ahead, correct?

EvilMike- Yes because I love great Albums. There are some bands who can do the fast most of the time style well but not many in my opinion. I enjoy “Angel Corpse”, ”Deicide”. “Sinister” and some other like this but mostly I like Albums with feeling and ups and Downs and builds in the songs such as “Dismember” – Everything, Morbid Angel “Blessed are the Sick” & Hypocrisy “Obsculum Obscenum”, Death “Spiritual Healing”, Grave “into the Grave” & “You’ll never see”, Cannibal Corpse “The Bleeding”, Archgoat “ The LuciferIan Crown”, Entombed  “left hand path” things like this for DM that have what I was talking about. Even ”Suffocation” has that and they are known for being faster. The heavy breakdowns are great! Also I am certain things like old  “Carcass”, ”Terrorizor”,”Bathory ”, “Razor” and ”Celtic Frost” have influenced me along the years like with most things by The mighty ”Slayer.”Of course I love The classic stuff By “W.A.S.P.“, “Twisted Sister”, “Judas Priest”,”Black Sabbath”, “Dio”, “Suicidal Tendencies” & even Hard core like “Cro Mags” & “Blood for Blood.” Basically anything truely Great in my opinion. I can really go on for a while about this.

#9. The playing and recording of this pretty extreme music that you guys play, how did you keep that interesting for yourself? I mean, there are not that many possibilities to experiment, the boundaries for this kind of music are Rather limited…

EvilMike- For Many years that’s did not bother me. After I finished the Album I did think about that. I wanted to do something else but in my style. That is why I have started Luna in Sanguinem with my friends. My drummer and I started the band not long after the Evil Incarnate was releasing. With a band like Evil Incarnate you are stuck in a box Musically and Lyrically so you speak. With E.I. I cannot wrote different lyrics and if I changed the music style that would be stupid. For the next Album with E.I. I do not know yet if I want to go a little faster or a little slower. When this type of thinking happens to me I usually just incorporate both. In my opinion it makes for a better Album to have these ups and downs and mid tempo variations. If a person is ever bored then I feel it is time to put a band to rest. Never waiver from your original vision only get better at your skill. If anyone wants to change a band don’t, just do something else instead.

#10. Do you think- as a musician- that Evil Incarnate gets enough credit for The music that you play? I can imagine that there are still many people out there who think that your material is absolute garbage although you shouldn’t underestimate your stuff to my opinion. Especially the technical skills in the band.

EvilMike- I never let that bother me if anyone does not like Evil Incarnate. I never expected everyone would like this. I do it for myself first and everyone that likes it are only second. I do of course have a lot of confidence in my abilities and I listen to a lot of bands both well known and super obscure UG. I know that I am a more understandable DM vocalists and I also know that I am Different and unique. I also know that I am among the very best in the World and a lot of people have told me this. Of course it is much better now than before but I don’t mind if I don’t get enough credit. The ones who know and I also know Is good enough for me.Not every band can say they have created something different yet similar and we always stand out of the crowd as our own. There bound to be similarities as we all listen to and grew up listening to the same things but I know we are different and so does everyone else so if I don’t get credit that is ok. I was never hear to be or claimed to be some star. I was put here to create the most Blasphemous and Heavy American Satanic DM band. I also know Musically my skill is great because most people I play live with are on the same level or they could never do it correctly. Especially in Luna in Sanguinem who are on another level. As for Evil Incarnate “The Devil” has been watching and is pleased with my works.

#11. “Depopulation Agenda “ is a powerful statement of classic early-to-mid 90’s Death Metal. A lot of newer bands don’t have the same sense of Dynamics, variation and oppressive atmosphere. What makes Death Metal of that Decade stand out in comparison to its current counterparts?

EvilMike- The reason was DM of that time was different. The bands we not stealing from each other’s Albums like so many sound as if they do now. They practiced until they created something that was their own. it’s also a feeling inside of a person while writing. Let yourself become a part of the guitar and use your emotions. I have heard a few good bands coming up that are newer who capture this well. Not so much on early releases but on recent ones they have it. A lot of great things are coming now from DM. It is very exciting to me. It is so hard not to sound like another band I suppose but I personally over the years have figured out a way and anything from this point on will only showcase that even more. Just because I am getting older doesn’t mean I am not getting better. We all should be this way whatever our craft may be.

#12. Mike, tell us a bit about the time between Evil Incarnate origin and the release of your both Demo tapes “Evil Incarnate “ and “Christ Destroyed”. have you already been playing live very often at this time?

EvilMike- The Origin and Recording from this Spawning was a 8 track Cassette demo recording that only seen 50 hand made copies with songs “The Sacrificial Lamb”, “Legions of Christian Pigs” & “The Blackest Hymn of Gods Disgrace” so 2 of the Songs are eventually re recorded on the Album “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace.” The first Incarnation was Tom Bradner of Num Skull on Guitar and myself with Andy. We then met the guys Rob Rigney & Dave Gally to start playing live shows. our first show was with our friends “Jungle Rot” and not long after we recorded “Evil Incarnate “ demo.

#13. What was the actual reason that you originally went for a cassette release of this both records? Was it lack of money that you didn’t print up CDs or did you feel the material was not yet strong enough for a CD at the time already? Or was it simply because you wantedTo establish the band the “old way” maybe?

EvilMike- we did Cassette because everyone in 1996/1997 was still using them. some CDs were starting To get more popular I think a couple years later. bands still did cassette all over the World for a long time. It was only some bands that were already doing CDs in the UG and the bigger labels started doing bands on CD.We traded so many demos to bands allOver the world who could not afford CD players at the time also. Some zines did not have CD players so this is why. We did not have anything on CD until DeathGasm Records releases both of these demos onto 1 CD called “Blood of The Saints” and called this our Debut Album. Some people argue it is just demos and that is true but we did not have the money to do it again and we all like this Raw Primitive Recording for the time. With each Album we have had better funding and Production since. Here Mariano Thank you for supporting me and my band. This has been a great and very interesting interview for me. Evil Incarnate have followed the commands set by Ahriman and have Embraced His Technologies and our latest Album Evil Incarnate “Depopulation Agenda “ can be purchased thru me Digitally on Band Camp- evilincarnate.bandcamp.com And also at Spotify…Physical copies are available from Labels DarkPath Records Asia, MaltKross France, Bestial Burst Finland & many other Labels are doing Versions in Countries around the World that are out soon. This Campaign has just only begun. Check your local Distributor.And stay on the watch for The DM Devastation from my new band that has just released our debut EP ourselves Both Physical copies and Digital titled Luna In Sanguinem “Global Bloodbath.”

14.How would you say, since the early days, that your goals or your vision for the band have changed? In progressing from just sitting around the rehearsal room back then to sitting here, now, how has what Evil Incarnatemeans changed for you?

EvilMike- Nothing has changed as far as the vision of the band. Also Nothing has changed for me personally. I am still the same Metal Maniac I was when I was a teenager. To be in a band called Evil Incarnate The Lyrical content must match. You cannot refrain from even the most Taboo of subjects so over the many years we have made not only a lot of fans but also have been blacklisted because of it. But for every person or Zine or site that turned its back to us due to any Harsh Lyrics we always gained 10 fans and supporters for everyone we lost.This is part of the reasons why I have created a new band. Evil Incarnate lyrically is trapped in a box so to speak. A new band gives me the freedoms to write about other subjects. With a Satanic influenced band you must stay the course. I always used it for a outlet and at times even became Political but now I am back to just doing it the way it was originally meant to be. Anything from the past is the past and now I move forward with this new Album. On “Depopulation Agenda” no Religion is safe. These are the Anthems for Mankind’s last stand.

15. Lyrically, it is obvious that you have tons of contempt for any forms of religion and a song title like ‘’ Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ’’ or ‘’ Lead the People to Satan’’ is an obvious nod to infernal blasphemers like BLASPHEMY – what fuels your hatred and inspires your lyrical atrocities against God?

EvilMike- Growing up as a child I was smart enough to know Religion just controls people with Fear and is a Brainwashing tool to Manipulate The people from Humanities actual truth and story. I use to tell my family it was bullshit and everyone was stupid and I use to get in trouble for this. I told The Church leaders and use to embarrass my Mother so they would all lay hands on me and pray for me. I use to actually feel sick sometimes just sitting in that place. I was the only one who questioned anything and it still is amazing to me how anyone could not question these teaching as well. Thru the generations these words has been Manipulated to control Society. Some of these teachings have facts and are part of our history where as others are clear misinformation and have been misinterpreted. So much is missing as well! I know there are Dark Forces in the World as I have personally experienced them in my life. It has been to the point in years past where I decided to leave Devil Worship in my past. I know we are dealing with beings from other Dimensions and they have full control of this World at this moment. With Artificial Intelligence Mankind grows closer each day to The 8th Sphere of Arhiman. I am here to Sing the Blackened Hymns of Christ’s Destruction and Humanities Demise. There is no hope for these Sheep. Certain Groups and factions use this tool for nothing more than a way to seize total Power.

16. A lot of Death Metal bands do not actually sing much about death, darkness and blasphemy, but rather focus on exploiting gory details of violent rape fantasies and simply head for a misogynistic direction – it seems you have a different understanding since Evil Incarnate beginnings of what Death Metal should be about, is that correct?

EvilMike- it just depends on what type of direction a person wishes to take a band. I needed to release what was building inside of me and Evil Incarnate was just the way to do that. Also a lot of my Favorite bands had lyrics against the Church and sang about The Devil so it was natural for me. Especially with my Religious background. I was pushed into Metal even harder by my family who where strongly against it. I was my Fathers son and no one liked him and ever since I was born I was a loser in my family’s eyes without ever even giving me a chance. This makes for great aggressive and emotional content for a band. We owe it all to them and we owe it all to my surroundings outside of home they way I had to grow up in poverty and the shit Schools I Hated so much as a Child and teenager. I needed to be Angry to make this band what it is and always will be.

17.Tell us a bit about the early U.S. death metal scene and how it was that Evil Incarnate got first formed, yet under a different name – Apollyn.During the mid/end ’80s the American scene really started to blossom and boom. Tell us a bit about the people, supporters and bands of the scene in those legendary formative genre days.

EvilMike- I was still a member of the band Num Skull and we had recently recorded the Album “When Suffering Comes” ( my title of course) when I began writing at home for the creation of Evil Incarnate. It was thru Tom Brandner The only original band member left in Num Skull at that time who taught me about the Underground and Zines and Tape trading and such. I first met people like Chris Forbes Ex Immolation Manager and also the editor for Metal Core Zine, Jeff Rappaport of Metal Rules Zine and the guys from Nile and So many. This was truely a great time. I remember when bands first started using CD and Vynal was on the way out. I was listening to UG bands like DarkThrone, Disinter & Cianide (Chicago), Sepsism from California and also Sadistic Intent (Rick and Bay are still active), Imprecation and so many great bands. This all influenced me along with Vital Remains & Celtic Frost and Bathory and also of course Swedish DM and American Florida & NY DM, There is so many more for sure.Definitely right away people were into Evil Incarnate. At one time the band was looking as if it would be a matter of time until it was going to reach the upper levels. Due to set backs with members on a near constant basis this became impossible. I wanted nothing more than to play all the biggest stages like Wacken with the band but when people prevented this from happening I went even more Extreme. Going in the absolute most Extreme possible version of the band was my way of saying fuck it, why not we have nothing to loose. It was Natural for me as a Angry and Aggressive person.Of course there came a time where I could not mentally go on anymore and needed to take some time for myself because in the end that is all that matters to me.i do not mind helping my peers and Headbangers find the way of Metal but I am what really matters. This is my time!

18.Having been in the death metal scene for some time now – how has the scene changed from your perspective over the past 25 years? What would you highlight as positives and negatives of these changes?

EvilMike- it is both a positive and also a negative that music is so widely and easily available thru the internet. Every guy with a guitar has a cd now and unfortunately most of it is just clutter. You have to sift thru way too many bands to find something worth it. I do not understand why someone cannot put all this energy into one or maybe tow solid bands for a long time and give that 100% focus. People jump from one thing to another and drummers have 5 bands cause all of the bands do not play very many shows. This is stupid! Why would you start a band and not want to play as many shows as possible? Make one band great not 3 bands mediocre. Yes a lot of these are good bands and talented musicians but it is all cluttering the scene in my opinion. Not enough of them have a unique style of writing and playing to warrant all these bands. Be different yet similar and appropriate for your Genre and focus all you have every single day!Now I will say as a show Promoter and from doing reviews for AntiChrist Magazine and VM Underground I have noticed some real talent emerging. I have found some very good and hard working bands and musicians so in my opinion the cream is slowly rising to the top. Especially now that most people are brainwashed and scared to play a show anymore. As for this that I am referring to ? You can stand some people in front of the Worlds largest forest yet they will not see one single tree! CONVID!!! It is a Global Manipulation and a Ancient Pagan Ritual.

19.Could you recall some of your most recent live shows and the fans’ reception? How do you feel the newer material sits with the old material in the live setting?

EvilMike- Luna In Sanguinem my new band is the only one that has done live shows. Evil Incarnate has been scheduled to Tour Asia/Australia & Europe and was just finalizing everything before CONVID hit the World and ruined it all. So, I wait for at least one final big Tour and possibly one Final CD for Evil Incarnate and I will potentially retire the band. I am focusing all my time and live efforts currently with Luna in Sanguinem. If Evil gets back on tour great! It’s nothing to re learn a live set and Tour while Luna in Sanguinem is taking a short break finally after a long non stop stretch of activities. Now it is time for something new with dedicated musicians backing me up who live the band and never want to stop moving forward at all costs. This is the kind of drive we must have.Live performances have been absolutely amazing and fans are loving us!

20.As one of the ambassadors of the „old school” death metal movement – alongside bands as Obituary, Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Vader or Unleashed – how do you feel about the current crop of so-called „new school” death metal bands?

EvilMike- it is with Honor that I accept this title you have given me as Ambassador. I suppose it has been that long and is deserving now. I have heard a lot of new Okd School DM bands who are badass! Most of them are just guys like me from the old school coming back so it is both Natural for them and also perfect. 

21.Apart from the band – what do you do when you are at home: do you have time for hobbies?

EvilMike- I am super busy helping my own bands as Manager and booking Agent and also show promoter booking bands for clubs in my area but when I am not doing these things I am either playing my guitar when I can or Lifting Weights. I would love to do MMA again but I just don’t have time for it so I box a little if I am not to beat up from Heavy training now that I am older. Music is a huge part of my daily life in one way or another. I try to make time for my Wife and of course we still love each other and have sex. I love food so I cook and make Sauerkraut and Garden. I use to fish a lot but this has been my busiest year of my life so I had no time to do it. We should all know how to cook and live off of the land and defend ourselves. The World is a Brutal place and always unpredictable. A Global Depopulation is coming and already begun. Current events have turned into a Global IQ Test. Most people have already failed miserably.

22.Mike,to conclude, what can we expect from Evil Incarnate in the next twelve to eighteen months?What’s your schedule for the nearest future? Is Romania, Poland or Czech Republic in the bill?

EvilMike- I have been taking notes on future Evil Incarnate lyrics and also sometimes when I have been Writing music for Luna in Sanguinem I come up with something that is obviously suppose to be a part of Evil Incarnate so I write it out onto tablature so I don’t forget it like I usually always do. Also I have Musicians on standby ready to go on Tour in Indonesia if everything allows for it. I have a drummer in USA Incase something happens here or the guys in Asia do not work out and also I have guitar players interested in the position. Last we talked with Tour Promoters in early 2020 all flights were paid for so if it happens I will come to Europe. I can stay on the road I have no one to tell me I cannot. If there is a will there is a way and I hope to make this happen. At least one Final time and first Tour in Europe yes. I cannot die satisfied if I cannot Tour Europe with Evil Incarnate before I am dead. I will haunt this shitty World forever and ever!!! If these dates are not a part of the Tour and If anyone reads this and wants to help in any way make it happen contact me.

23.Mike,thanks a lot for your time to answer these questions! If there’s anything else you would like to add to conclude, here’s the place. Hail the Evil Incarnate death cult!

EvilMike- Thanks and this has been a very fun interview with great questions for me. Everytime I think about laying Evil Incarnate to rest and giving 100% to Luna in Sanguinem it is True Die Hards like you that keep me pulled back in and hoping I can at least deliver just a little more. Never let your true passion in life disappear. Stay true to Metal and it’s ways of life and stay UG. Fuck boring and nerdy Fake Poser bullshit Metal!!! Find me on Facebook and Instagram under Michael Eisenhauer and if you enjoyed Evil Incarnate and DM you will probably like my band Luna in Sanguinem.

https://www.instagram.com/evil.incarnate.band/ https://www.facebook.com/michael.eisenhauer.96