Evil Incarnate – „Depopulation Agenda”
Bestial Burst

I have always thought of Evil Incarnate as the most underated band of the late 90´s US death metal scene. Maybe it´s because they take more time than most bands to release their albums, I don´t really know if that´s why.The fact is that for me they are one of the top death metal bands of that era and they still maintain their status after 23 years and three full-lenght albums. In „Depopulation Agenda”,Evil Incarnate bring us eight tracks of technical brutal death metal, where one can realise why they take so long to release their albums – because they don´t want to release albums like if they were just food, that you consume it, after a short while you forget about it and wait for more of the same a couple of years later. Of course it doesn´t apply to every band, but one can really notice Evil Incarnate’s concern in getting the best out of them, working in their compositions as hard as they can to give the fans nothing less than 100% Evil Incarnate every time.
Finally,after fifteen years of silence, Evil Incarnate; the sleeping giant of the US Death Metal scene seems to have awakened to unleash this powerhouse upon the enslaved masses.
First of all, the production on Evil Incarnate’s sophomore effort is ultra-pure. I’m not hearing a lot of processing at all. Everything is just given its proper space, recorded very loudly, and put out right where it should be. The performances are perfectly executed, from the drudging guitar lines, to pit-bull barking vocal lines. Mike Eisenhauer, (founder and only permanent member at the moment) philosophy is no-frills. Give the audience everything in its pure, full-throttle form. Don’t hide anything. Execute it all precisely. I wouldn’t call „Depopulation Agenda” , „technical,” but I would call it very exacting in its performance. I get the sense that Mike went into the studio extremely well-prepared, and it shows. There is a mastery of the material on display here.Throughout „Depopulation Agenda”, Evil Incarnate pull no punches and throw just about everything they have at you. It can be dizzying and confusing at times, just because of the sheer amount of riff diversity present here. However, they still retain their thoroughly brutal sound. Nothing ever sounds disconnected or out of place.
I really like the layout of the songs on this album. There are a lot of nice riffs here, and they are put together well, shifting deftly, transitioning part to part, like a well-constructed jigsaw puzzle.There was real thought put into this material – how each passage should shift into the next, how each beat would flow into the next. And the guitar writing is excellent, if a little derivative. I will admit Evil Incarnate isn’t trail-blazing here. Rather, they are hammer-smashing the ground already tread. They’re doing what fans of death love so much; giving people more of what they crave, at a premium level.
What keeps me coming back to this album? It’s the riffs. There are a crap-ton of nicely written death riffs on „Depopulation Agenda”, and they all blow the doors off the room. That’s what I mean by „catchy” death metal. The tempo Evil Incarnate chooses is terrific. They sit right in that pocket of head-banging glory. Very few times, if any, do they choose to blast beat their way through a tune. The compositions are allowed to grind away at a slower tempo than that. It’s seriously drudging, pounding material. I’m up for that — if its done well. Evil Incarnate does it very well.