Evulse – „Call of the Void”
Demo – Digipack
Godz ov War Productions

Disgusting death metal from Oakland, California with members of Mortuous, Swamp Witch and Augurs. Evulse released their debut demo „Call of the Void” on the Febuary 15th 2019 via Polish label Godz Ov War Productions as 4 panel digipack.
What we got here is debut demo masterpiece from US death metal stalwarts Evulse. „Call of the Void” is one of those records which straight away grabs you by the scruff of your neck and smashes you square in the face, delivers four tracks of technical and ferocious mega-bass old-school Death Metal. Those who were into their other activities in Swamp Witch, Mortuous or Augurus should definitely lay their hands on this one. I can guarantee ten minutes of sickness blasting through your speakers! This is what Brutal Death Metal should sound like. The vocals sound as though Satan sung them himself. I can’t get over how great the vocal performances of Jimmy is. His deep growls make your guts and bowels twist and turn. This is seriously one of the sickest, scariest throat growls I’ve ever heard. The guitar, bass, and drum playing is some of the tighest I’ve ever heard from this genre. The riffs have a very evil, unforgiving sound.
The opening track „Hypochondria” perfectly sets the mood for the whole demo, sick, evil, and unforgiving. The following tracks range from fast and neckbraking to slower, more grooving riffs you can really bang your head too. However, the real treat here is the closing track „Agoraphobia”. I think it alone is worth the price of the whole „Call of the Void”.
„Call of the Void” is an enormous step in the right direction and a must have for fans of old-school death metal in general. Stay on the look out for these guys in the future.This is a great demo and shows a lot of potential for a future full length album. This should please any brutal death metal fan.