Fetor – „No Poems Just Slam – Live at Grind’em All Fest”
Mythrone Promotion / Infernum Media
Limited Edition – 500 Copies

Blasting, grinding, chugging, pig squealing, and to the point, Fetors first live album, “No Poems Just Slam” recorded in Klub Muzyczny Spółdzielnia Dom Qltury at Grind’Em All Fest on October 24th, 2015 , is true, balls to the wall, brutal death metal live blast.These guys know their stuff when it comes to American style slamming brutal death metal. Beginning with the song, “From Neck to Crotch”, nearly every talent of this band is present from the onset: brutal blast beats grinding snare, pit fueling Suffocation-style breakdowns, and enough pig squealing to make any album as evil and brutal as can be, enhance the sound of this band and really make them stand out as a brutal, slamming, and groovy band. The production is top notch for slam death. I can hear everything perfectly. Tee levels are great and nothing takes over. Also, this album sounds so fucking thick and low its subterranean.
The guitarists also throw in a few quick bursts of Origin-esque sweeping patterns, just to keep things interesting. The bass is also quite audible and provides an extra layer of heaviness to the slams.
From the first note on this album it is obvious that a good portion of the band’s energy comes from their drummer, Jacek Gut. No matter how fast the rest of the band is grinding or how slow they are chugging, the drums maintain at least twice the speed. This is the kind of energy that so many bands that call themselves death metal lack in so many albums. From the double-bass breakdowns to the snare and cymbal combos crashing in every direction, Gut demonstrates a precise talent for percussion.He has a great variety of breakdown/slam beats. He is very well syncopated.He employs a diversity of different blast beast and does so tastefully so that the songs flow well. Vocals are top of the industry. Again, subterranaen is all I can say!!! They are very wet sounding and extremely guttural. The vocals help create the evil ambiance that each track expresses, and though they are completely unintelligible like most pig squeals, they never get old but serve as another instrument in the frantic chaos of each song.
Fetor is definitely a band to watch out for because their unique style and approach to songwriting and slamming grinds is a breath of fresh air compared to many “wall-of-sound” brutal death metal acts today.