GLOOM (Finland) – „Rider of the Last Light”

Gloom - Rider of the Last Light

Rider of the Last Light
Spread Evil
26 June 2020

SPREAD EVIL PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking debut album of Finland’s GLOOM, Rider of the Last Light.

GLOOM embodies the raging suicidal melancholy in the Finnish vein, both musically and lyrically. Accurately named, GLOOM features members from Nekrokrist SS, which can be heard throughout the raw-yet-melodic, fast-paced black metal found on Rider of the Last Light, the band’s first public recording.

GLOOM is the intersection where ugly urban despair and the madness of the woods meet, a collision of past and present resounding in all perpetuity, ruining your day now and forevermore. Or, put more directly, classic Finnish black metal done purely and proudly – no more, but definitely no less! Rider of the Last Light on the march!

Distribution by Militant Underground


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