Gruzja – „I iść dalej”
Godz ov War Productions

From Godz Ov War Productions comes Polish black metal band, Gruzja and to be honest this album was sadly overlooked by me for a „long” time. Not to say I didn’t listen to it, but it took me a long time to genuinely „hear” it.In retrospect, it seems the albums that have the most profound effect on me are a bit more demanding and less accessible. Therefore it may take several spins to appreciate this amazing album and is certainly not for the casual listener — or for someone who wants easy, instant gratification.
In fact this is the average, casual listener’s greatest fear. The song structure is almost nonexistent in conventional radio friendly terms. Each song is distinctly different and unique. The album as a whole constantly evolves and builds on something that is not quite tangible. „I Iść Dalej” is a fuzzy, distorted creation crafted from surrealism and emotion, more like a fleeting dream than conscious thought. Though incredibly unique it does have unifying elements and it works beautifully as an album overall. This is a nightmarish work of art that will pull you into a world that is completely bleak and devoid of light, and refuse to let go. It is both moving and disturbing. Rarely does such a concept work so well. Every element here is in perfect alignment and if there is one single thing that stands out about „I Iść Dalej”, it is the sheer intensity.It is also incredibly hard to classify. It is black metal with filthy sludge influences for simplicity’s sake but that really fails miserably to prepare an inexperienced listener with what they are in store for. I can think of nothing to either compare or contrast this album to, and as such, really have no guidelines for recommending this to someone. It is truly an experience all its own.But make no mistake, there is not a second of filler on this entire work. I always listen to this album from start to finish, never growing bored or hunting for the skip button. The music is very deep, constructed of several layers of sound on top of sound. This creates an atmosphere where there is constantly something new to discover on subsequent plays. Perhaps the complexity of „I iść dalej” is its only downfall; but even this is a positive factor once becoming familiar with the material.
All the instruments are played exceptionally well. The riffs are aggressive and enjoyable, well constructed black metal passages. The bass is audible and adds a lot to the depth of the songs, which are in a lower, less treble driven range than most black metal.
All in all this debut album is great from start to finish and is essential for those searching for something a little different and unique against an endless sea of generic black metal bands. However keep an open mind as this is a complex album that demands your attention and is not for those simply seeking something to play inconspicuously in the background.