Heresy – „Blasphēmia”
Pest Records

Heresy is a Costa Rican Thrash Metal band created on April 2011 by Jos Raley (main vocals and rhythm guitars) and Blop Heresy (bass and backing vocals),who still form the main core of Heresy to this day. Heresy may not be the most original of bands. They play a style that has been around for a long time, and they certainly don’t really push any boundaries. They’re happy playing a simple old style that works for them. And yet they do it so well on Citizen Brain that it ends up sounding like a revolutionary thrash album. Their slogan is, “Profane Metal”. After the first few seconds of the album, it’s clear they’re not joking around.This is one of those albums that, upon listening to it, makes you feel extremely honored, and has you headbanging like a motherfucker. Heresy gets all the attributes of yesteryear’s second-tier thrash bands right. Their attack is relentless, derivative, and makes you happy every second you listen to it. They throw in some quality mosh breaks, they change up the riffs and rhythms often enough to keep you interested, and overall they just get it right.Heresy on the „Blasphēmia” supplies your headbanging banghead with true thrash fuel that is extremely old school styled much in the vein of Kreator, Nuclear Assault and Exodus. They are obviously not ashamed of showing strong influences in their music.
I must also mention that the production is flawless. Had this album been a raw and sloppy affair, it would lose a ton of appeal. Not only can all the instruments be heard clearly, but the instrumentation is extremely impressive. These guys know how to play.
It’s safe to say that if you’re not already a fan of frantic old school thrash, Heresy is not likely to win you over. But if you live for this style, then they’ll probably blow you away. There is so much raw attitude on this album. It will surely satisfy even the biggest appetites for mean riffs and fast tempos.
Renowned publication And Justice For Art selected „Blasphēmia” album cover painted by the almighty Eliran Kantor as one of the best arts of 2018 together with acts such as Judas Priest, Ghost, Bloodbath, Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, Soulfly, Orphaned Land, High on Fire, Witching Hour and many other great bands and painters.