Heruka - No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows

Heruka – „No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”
Limited edition, Digipak – 300 Copies
Rude Awakening Records

Italian’s devil’s Heruka are hit and bite again. In 2018, they released their debut full-length, „Deception’s End”, followed by the equally impressive EP „Turning to Dust” in 2019. Now in 2020, they released a second full-length „No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” via Rude Awakening Records.
I cannot understand why some groups,Heruka in this case, are considered “second class ones” even if they’ve always released very good, if not excellent, albums/records. When I listen to some crappy groups in this genre and they weak offerings but far more famous and worshipped by the critics I feel almost awkward and sorry that such good records and bands like Heruka pass unnoticed and almost without any attention (I just hope that in the case of Heruk’s latest album, this trend will change in the favor of the band,really.They deserve it.).It’s a pity because their previous album and EP really destroy in intensity and songwriting.Yes, intensity and songwriting because exactly for this they are a non-common-group in the black metal field. They are above lots of other groups around the world and I can say this without fear of being too generous with them. The most interesting things we can find in this great band are the intelligence and the technique mixed with a power of execution that few groups have. I just loved this album at the first listen, and instantly became a fan of Heruka. Every song presented on „No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” is catchy and epic mix of melody and brutality that is truly professional black metal performed with true determination and blueprinting, without being over-produced..
Despite having much in common with the melodic traditions of symphonic black metal, the actual symphonics are largely absent from this album, with the guitars dominating the field as the musical core.
From the opening track „Time Collapse” which is a perfect blend of brutality and melody, to the last one „Let No One Be Saved”,Heruka allows a story to build in one’s mind, „No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” covers multiple black metal staples.Lyrically, themes revolving around death and insanity,introspection,surrealism,visionary and critics of religion.
Heruka’s music is not a without sense, furious attack and it’s not ritualistic either. It settles down right in the middle with lots of blast beats, yes, but with the melody of the guitars to sustain and give strength to the well thought themes. The epic lyrics and the epic music collide perfectly with the rudeness and violence of the black metal.
But it’s not quite pure black metal – norsecore elements can be very prominently heard, especially in the rhythm department, meanwhile, the riffs vary from soaring tremolo picked chaos to thrash-inspired streams of powerchords.In some parts guitars draw landscapes of sorrow, just before restarting on nasty overtures, conserving the epic touch.The guitars do a massive work on this album, passing easily from the power chords, rhythmic riffs to the lead others,a massive black riffs with incredibly epic intermezzos with always more than a simple eye to the epic melody.This is simply awesome.
Also the dynamism of the drums has something hypnotizing. The rolls, the blast beats and the faster bass drums sections are perfectly mixed together to perfectly sustain any kind of melody or pattern.Nemuri Shi who is sitting behing the kit is one of the best I’ve ever heard in black metal for a long time. He is not just fast and brutal but also technique, versatile and extremely various without losing anything in impact.
If you are searching for a band that mixes perfectly the violence of the black to the epic melodies, check this out.