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1.Your debut EP was released by two different labels. Anthrazit Records released „Ahi Cab” at the beginning of this year in digital and cd form, and two days ago a German Wolfmond Production released digipak limited to 100 copies with an additional number „Blue Blooded Beings” and other cover and graphic design.You can shed some light on this publishing situation of „Ahi Cab”?

Hi, of course. After having recorded our message, we were in search for a label to spread and release its content. Anthrazit and Wolfmond were both interested in releasing our music, but Andreas of Anthrazit was the first in line. Nevertheless, Wolfmond Production was able to offer us a different kind of release. That’s why to avoid any competitions between these german labels we decided to postpone the digipack version and to upgrade it with a bonus track and a different artwork.

2.The band’s logo is great, in the form of glyphs of the mysterious and long-forgotten Mayan alphabet. Who is responsible for that bit of artwork?

Thanks. NnK, my shipmate, is responsible for every visual aspect of Idolos. From the logo to the whole artwork. He’s in charge of our graphic identity. Each artwork tells a story, you have several reading fields, every details have a meaning, and the two artworks are complementary to understand our message ; the crossed bones for one, the head for the other. I think you understand.

3.As your EP looks like to be a concept-album, I wonder what „leads” the writing process? Lyrics or music? How do you build your sophisticated songs? Who is involved in the writing process,does NnK contribute directly to songwriting?

Actually, for this first EP, I must admit most of the musical parts of our message were recorded before the writing of the lyrics. So, for “Ahi Cab” what drove the writing process of our concept was mostly the lyrics. For our second Ep, the music would fit quite better to our cosmic approach, and the lyrics will be the continuation of “Ahi Cab”. We come from above and we’re here to deliver a warning message to earthlings by reconnecting themselves with the most important parts of their cosmogony. For “Ahi Cab” (and for the two next Ep), we’ve decided to put the accent on the Mayan Popol Vuh, which is in our Venusian perspective one of the most enlightening text of human history. I’m in charge of the lyrics, it’s mostly a compilation work based on mayan sacred texts. NnK, put the lyrics into life and interpret all the characters. “Ahi Cab” is both a message and a journey. Usually the music comes from a mood, an altered state of mind translated into a riff combinations and several ethereal guitar layerings. It’s important to totally dedicate yourself to your emotions and feelings when you consider your music as a cosmic soundscape, a galactic journey through time and space.

4.When you are about to start to write lyrics for Idolos, what are some of the key elements that you try to keep in your mind?Do you have any suggestions of good reading material or other references for people who would like to dive more into the subject treated by Idolos?

We want to deliver both a message of peace and a total warning, we want to prevent earthlings from their self-destructive behaviour. Humanity have reached up another level of destruction with the recent pandemic situation. We draw our inspiration from cosmogonic texts. For this first contact with we decided to based all of our lyrics on the Popol Vuh. I invite all of you to read this sacred book. For more “contemporary” readings we can suggest you the enoch bible, or the old testament, all old stories and legends, keeping in mind the galactic reading key ; we can also suggest you the works of William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench.

5.Lyric writing is not everyone’s game and writing intellectual, interesting and mind-blowing lyrics is something that only a handful of people do well and you, MgRcH , are on that small list, in my sincere opinion. The concept of „Ahi Cab” -it’s based on the mythology and history of the Kʼicheʼ people. It includes the ancient Mayan creation myth and beliefs, through a story which opposes death and the seven dead to the twins Ixbalanque and Hunahpu and a chronicle of the Kʼicheʼ people.The themes and concepts you present through your music on „Ahi Cab” are refreshingly different from those exhibited by the current crop of Black Metal bands. What are the most important aspects of this culture in your opinion,would you care to elaborate on these themes/concepts?

Thanks a lot. Actually, we are just storytellers and compilers, we are revelators of a cosmic message written in ancient stories. The “popol vuh” is one of the most powerful cosmogonic myth you could experience. Deeply rooted in the mesoamerican history and mythology, it’s both a journey to our past, present and future : the struggle and passions between men and gods, the power of elements, life, death, good and evil. The mayan culture was very dedicated to its gods. There was a certain humility regarding the natural elements represented by almighty gods. It’s really fascinating how advanced they were regarding the astronomical knowledge (before we arrived). It makes no doubt this civilization was in touch with some “intelligence from the outside” (our ancestors), some people from the skies.

6.Still,I think many people are bound to miss the point that Idolos is trying to make. How would you suggest a listener should approach the „Ahi Cab”?

This first message takes the shape of atmospheric black metal music. It fits perfectly to the lyrical aspect of the message we deliver to earthlings. Our message and its musical translation is a bridge between the past and the future. The listeners could find some old-school sense of riffing shrouded in more ethereal and trippy atmospheres.

Released by Anthrazit Records

7.You revealed yourself as”Mysterious blue blooded beings from outer-space at the origin of all civilizations. Elite of distant times. Descendants from Atlantis coming from Venus”. How can you describe your personal beliefs are you a religious man or a man of belief?Amongst all the existing beliefs, how can we define Idolos?

We have our own belief. Our gods are not the same as yours. The “Idolos” is one of the several names hu-man gave to the sky visitors throughout history. Some called them “fairies”, or “mythological heroes”, some others in the peruvian world called them “Idolos”.

We are blue blooded beings, we’re the elite of distant times and heroes of days to come. Our ancestors also have blue skin but their skin turned to green when being exposed to the sun rays. That’s why Osiris and Thot had green face.

8.What did lead you into dark side of music and thougths? Is Black Metal scene reason for your ideology or ideology reason to end up in Black Metal „scene”?

We chose Black metal as a medium of expression because of its intensity. Black metal is a sound of violence and tragedy but it’s also a strong spiritual art. We are aware that IDOLOS don’t really fit to the classical reductive ideological specifications (or so-called specifications) of what black metal is/was meant to be : anti-christianity, will power, satanism. However, pantheism, paganism, historical matters have always been part of the black metal philosophy and IDOLOS is strongly connected to these topics.

9.Can you tell us about the recording process? Home-made or professional studio? Total control of your art or do you appreciate an external view during mixing?Had you, since the early days of recording, a clear idea of the kind of production you wanted?

We landed our spacecraft in the centre of France where we gathered some elements to build a home-made studio. Excepted the ryhtmic pulsations, all you can hear on our “Ahi Cab” Ep are real instruments, no-amp-emulations, no virtual-instruments. Real guitars, real amps for a message full of clarity and sincerity. We have the total control of this message from its content to its final form. I’m in charge of the recording process and the mixing. I record a first draft of the drum parts and our friend and correspondent on Earth (in Arverne), Lord Necron gives them their final powerful shape turning them into pure gold. NnK is entitled to give is opinion to the mixing. Lord Necron could sometimes ask me to slightly change the balance between the instruments when it interferes with the mastering process. We had a clear idea of the kind of production we wanted but above all we had a clear idea of the kind of production we didn’t want. We didn’t want any plastic sound with over-compressed guitars. We wanted a raw and organic sound but clear enough to make all the musical layers understandable, and a creepy reverberated ethereal atmosphere.

10.Who is Lord Necron, he is responsible for rythmic pulsations and sidereal message mastering of „Ahi Cab”?

Lord Necron is a fellow musician from the centre of France (Arverne). He’s the mastermind behind the black metal band Gergovia. I strongly recommend your readers to check his music

He is on of our correspondents on earth and he accepted to help me putting in shape the drum parts of our message.

11.”Ahi Cab” so far is received very well among the Metal community. How much pressure is on your shoulders regarding Idolos next studio album? Do you feel like you should somehow write even better songs and even better lyrics for the next release?

We don’t have any pressure regarding Idolos next studio album. The 2 next recordings will be Ep with quite the same structure of “Ahi Cab”. It’s a conceptual trilogy (three Ep with three long songs) towards the Popol Vuh. So, we will keep on telling our story and spreading our message.

12.What are the musical influences of Idolos? Which bands of which kind of music do you listen to? Metal? Traditional? Medieval?

Idolos has a wide range of musical influences from traditional heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Rainbow…) to nordic or mediterranean black metal (Darkthrone, Burzum, Ved Buens Ende, Master’s Hammer, Rotting Christ, Mortuary Drape…) ; from post-punk (Bauhaus, Siouxsie…) to kraut or psychedelic rock (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Hawkwind…) or some OST ( Popol Vuh, Goblin, John Carpenter…).

13.How much time do you devote to the promotion? How much time do you devote to Idolos, through rehearsals, recordings and nights talking about music?

We spend a lot of time spreading our message by getting in touch with zine and other medias. Our purpose is to reconnect Earthlings with their past and to make sure they realise that all of these ancient civilizations got in touch with some “intelligence from above”… with some IDOLOS. We don’t make some boring and fruitless rehearsal, we write and compose our message, we make a pre-produced version of it and then we record it. I also transcript our music into scores to save a written trace of our message. We usually get ourselves in some kind of cosmic chamanic trance when we record the vocal part of the message.

14.Both label’s describes „Ahi Cab” as a mix of occult and atmospheric/cosmic Black Metal. Can you talk about your musical influences? Which releases have recently bang your head?

I already mentioned some of our musical influences. Concerning the releases that recently banged our head, for my part I could cite : Hallucinogen by Blut Aus Nord, Old Star by Darkthrone, Algleymi by Misþyrming, Det svarte juve by Mork, the self-titled album of Second Still (not so recent anyway), Lost Themes by John Carpenter (not so recent too)..

Released by Wolfmond Production

15.France is seen as one the most important countries in the story of the European black metal. Do you agree with this heritage? Which French bands had the most important influence?Are there any French metal bands you know/appreciate?

Well yes… There are the well-known and (in)famous “Légions noires” but I must admit the french BM bands that i really appreciate don’t come from this part of the “scene”. I really admire Blut Aus Nord for their longevity and creativity from the beginning of their career (Ultima thule, Memoria Vetusta) to their latest LP “Hallucinogen”. Furthermore, I think “Dor Nur Fauglith” by Osculum Infame, “Legends of evil and eternal death” by Hirilorn, “Cut your flesh and worship satan” by Antaeus, “The Lady Rides a Black Horse” by Gorgon, and more recently “Ecailles de lune” by Alcest are pure french gems. It’s also important to mention some old and forgotten underground bands from the centre of France (Ancestral, Malveliance). They displayed great black metal arts.

16.Do you have certain moments in your life when you feel so drained by the creative process that you have felt like giving up and just concentrating on living a regular family life without any pressures from recording and playing Black Metal?

In order to complete our cosmic mission, we have to leave our family behind for a while. We have to focus on the message and its dissemination. It’s tough but we have no other choice.

17.Do you appreciate to play live or Idolos will stay as only a „studio project”? What do you like/hate in the fact of playing gigs?

IDOLOS will remain a “studio project”. We consider playing live as a masquerade, a complete waste of time regarding the importance of our mission and the emergency we have to deal with. IDOLOS is not an ego-driven project and won’t take part to any kind of rock’n’roll circus.

18.What are the new steps for Idolos? I let you the final words.Thank you very much for this interview and thanks for your time!

The digipak reissue of Ahi Cab is now available through Wolfmond Production :

The musical aspect of our second Ep is already recorded, we will probably record the vocals this summer for releasing this second Ep on fall 2020. The space trippin’ and alienigene elements will be more present on this second Ep. Before the release of this second Ep, we will broadcast some extra-cover songs on the internet. So stay tuned and check our facebook page

Thanks a lot Herr Mariano. Thanks for the role you play in our mission by giving us the opportunity to precise our intentions and develop our message. Relearn and preserve and remember Tula is the twin sister of Thule.