IDOLOS (Atmospheric Venusian Black Metal) has just released another cover song. This time, they pay tribute to the Greek legends Varathron by covering the anthemic  ‘’Lustful Father’’.This cover is the third cover released by Idolos after their Mortuary Drape and Rotting Christ tribute. This triptych of devotional covers is now closed and IDOLOS are nearly ready to release their next original Ep (winter 2020-2021).

The first Idolos Ep, „Ahi Cab” is still available via Wolfmond Production.

Idolos pays tribute to the greek Black Metal legends Varathron with a cover of „Lustful Father” from the legendary LP „His Majesty at the Swamp” (1993).
Idolos pays tribute to one of the most famous Italian occult black metal band Mortuary Drape by covering the song „Primordial” (from the 1994 „All the witches dance”).
Idolos and Lord Necron from Gergovia pay tribute to the greek legends Rotting Christ.