Infest - Anger Will Remain

Infest – „Anger Will Remain”
Limited edition,500 copies – Re-release
Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

Infest was formed in the cold winter days by Vandal (rhythm guitar/vocal), David (solo guitar), Anta (bass) and Dusan (drums) in Jagodina, Serbia, with clear idea of playing Old-School Death/Thrash Metal!By the end of 2006, Vandal and Dusan are entering the studio to record debut album „Anger Will Remain” which was later released by Terror Blast Production and now is reissued by Polish Defense Records and Mythrone Promotion.
This is dangerous music!Their style is like a combination of early raw Swedish death metal and Teutonic thrash. I like that!. Infest are a highly consistent go-to band for anyone craving an unrelenting maelstrom of metallic riffs. The few albums I’ve heard were of similar quality, but I consider „Anger Will Remain” my favorite. Their gameplan isn’t any mystery and there isn’t much here in the way of progressive „Opeth”-isms, just riff after riff with a steel backbone of blast beats, saturated in the corrosive acid of Vandal shrieking vocals.
Between the razor sharp guitar tone, which sounds like ear drum-splitting throwing knives, and a vitriolic frontman, Infest capture the essence of violence and aggression well. „Pleasure to Kill” comes to mind several times while listening to this album – in a way that suggests Infest are big fans of the German thrash scene of old. At the same time, the intensity of the whole package is more than was normally mustered back then; that’s where the death metal influence rears its head. Infest do a good job of selectively borrowing the best aspects from their predecessors. Anyone can play thrash influenced death or death influenced thrash, but few can merge the styles this well and create a new beast in the process. Expect to hear lots of riffs based on the thrash model played alongside arpeggiated death metal sections and even the sparingly utilized melodic lead which almost always serves as a side dish rather than main course, avoiding the melodic death metal trap.
„Anger Will Remain” wears its inspiration on its sleeve, but Infest are creative enough to pull it off without breaking any copyright laws.