Invocation Spells - Unholy Blasphemies

Invocation Spells – „Unholy Blasphemies”
Limited edition – 500 Copies
Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

For Chilean metalheads into extreme metal, Invocation Spells is a well known act. Despite this album being their debut, they have a handful of full-lenghts where the formula has not changed a bit.This Chilean duo, consisting of the appropriately named Obssessor and Witchfucker, originally released their debut album, „Unholy Blasphemies”, in 2014 on tape format in Suicide Records and on CD by Metal Command Records, Defense Records picked up the album for a last year reissue to help the band reach an audience outside of South America.
Black thrash is a great form of satanic metal, my personal favorite and „Unholy Blasphemies” is a simple and primitive statement of bestial thrash/black metal. The songs are short and to the point, yet they managed to make an album with enough versatility to not fall into the tediousness of playing the same thing over and over.
Old-school has a certain charm and feel that not a lot of bands can capture, though it doesn’t just include middle-road production values and buried vocals beneath drums. You can usually tell what a band’s influences are just by hearing the way they arrange and manipulate the music accordingly. Invocation Spells does it pretty well and can, a times, create a wall of sound bordering on the haunting and malevolent. The production is what one might expect from a mid-80s thrash band on a budget, but it’s the charm of such a sound that highlights a release like this but like I said is excellent,album sounds old and filthy but clear and powerful enough to feel it like a professional work. Everything is drenched in reverb for all the good reasons, the guitar/bass tone is perfect for the style and the drums are relentless and commanding; the vocals are as hateful as you can imagine and the performance is savage as hell.
The Invocation Spells guys knows their stuff and of course are very into Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Archgoat, Conqueror and such, so this album won’t get written in history for its innovation, but for his honest hatred towards mankind; there are not fancy interludes or useless intros/outros tracks, no bullshit to be found here, only merciless black metal on its most primal form.
If you’re into oldschool black/thrash than there’s no way you won’t bang your head after a few beers while listening to this.Eight tracks of fine black thrash make „Unholy Blasphemies” very aptly-titled. It seems this hellish duo has a good grasp on the elements needed to make solid metal music that can be both fun and brutal. The sheer speed of tracks like „Christ Bleeding on the Cross” make the „Unholy Blasphemies” something that thrash fans would appreciate and the black metal fans will cultivate.
Invocation Spells from the very beginning, has the makings of a band that can reach legendary status in the black-thrash area with fast-paced hymns for Satan in rapid succession like this.A top-notch offering all around.