Left Hand Path - Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path – „Left Hand Path”
Loud Rage Music

Without debate, one of the qualities that is lacking in most metal bands today is originality, and this is most noticeable in the black metal and death metal genres. Too often are there bands that sound nearly exactly the same, and have very boring, repetitive song structures. Even amongst modern, successful bands, such as Satyricon or Cannibal Corpse, very few songs amongst their immense discographies that are very prominent and garner much attention.
Thankfully, this Romanian progressive extreme metal band is showing exemption from this trend.Rarely do bands make such an effort to provide a great listening experience and have a big presence with their fans. But the guys from Left Hand Path do just that. „Left Hand Path” is their debut EP, released by Adrian from Loud Rage Music affair thats equal parts melodic death metal ala Amon Amarth, progressive in the Edge of Sanity sense, and originality, with Szenasi Attila excellent work on the fretless bass and powerful, thoughtful lyrics unlike many of today’s extreme metal bands. This is the mark of five guys that really truly love metal, for the hard work and dedication put into their band shines through in each of the EP’s six tracks.
In my opinion, these 6 tracks are something a lot different than what you may be used to hearing. Each song stands well on its own, with the lyrics providing a background or a story, and the excellent, highly melodic guitar work providing the scenery. Its strange that many bands, bands that have released material for years, do not, or are not, capable of producing material that can stand on their own so well, but Left Hand Path have done this, and more. From the thrashing, galloping riffs, to the artful melodies and watery bass work, these five guys give a stale genre a nice breath of fresh air. Each instrument is very well complimented by the drumming, while not flashy or spectacular, they successfully guide the listener through the storyboard-feel of each song. The organic feel of the drums is a nice touch, something sorely lacking in a field where triggered sounds are abundant.
Overall, you’ll find very little wrong with this release. Each track is very well written and flow very well with each other, yet they can also stand up well on their own right. With a superb and a very dedicated core, this band will be recognized as a force in the coming years. I’m definitely waiting for new material.