Extinction Remains - Mácula / Extinction Remains

Mácula / Extinction Remains – „Mácula / Extinction Remains”
Limited edition – 500 Copies
Defense Records

Mácula is Brazilian punk group formed in may/2010. Based on anarchism, hedonism, existentialism and naturalism, influenced by crust and black metal tones.I think Macula in near future will be a sort of a band from category „loved or reviled and hated”.
Macula like to mess around a bit with different styles, the overriding nature of this three tracks is nasty metallic thrashing, though performed in a very unique fashion.Macula are a difficult band to categorize. The vocal approach is low throaty growl, something between death and black metal,the riffs are sometimes crusty but more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of death-thrash. The guitar tone is fucking distorted and the drumming has enough d-beats to please and Discharge fan. This three songs wouldn’t sound out of place alongside the Swedish crust giants, but the increased melodicism and more metallic riffing pushes them further still into metal territory. All the while, adding a new depth of doomy atmosphere. In fact, those are probably the best two words to describe this band in the end: doom and atmosphere.Where what most people would consider „bad” or dated, it’s caked with reverb. But this is key to the band’s sound. These songs sound like they’re being played in a church dungeon, which suits the music perfectly. The band’s ability to effortlessly blend the crustier powerchord riffs with blistering tremolo lines is what really makes this release for me. In spite of all of this genre-hopping, the guitar tone and technique, vocal venom and intense thrashy drumming give a sense of unity to the whole affair that results in none of the songs sounding out of place. This is one hell of an impressive, there really are no weak spots on the album and leaves me drooling in anticipation for its sequel.

Extinction Remains – I already know them, because the same label as this split also released their compilation entitled „Smog”. This horde also has Brazilian passports, while musically they are definitely going more towards crust / death with some doom touches.
To me, crust punk has always been the fusion between thrash/early death metal and hardcore punk. We’re talking about Bolt Thrower, Nuclear Assault, Hellhammer mixed with the likes of Chaos UK, Disorder, Broken Bones, Moderat Likvidation, or other mid to late 80s UK82 and Swedish hardcore bands.This entire five tracks is exactly as I have described. Semi-repetitive d-beat, thrash drums over vicious chugging riffs with protesting vocals about the state of society.Thrashing riffs, blasting drums, and an amazing vocalist. The overall raw power of this album is what makes it so fucking good. The combination of UK crust punk and thrash/death metal is a knock out combo. This album kicks off with a kick ass song called „Swamp of Destruction (Brumadinho – MG)” if you don’t get hooked into this album in the first 5 seconds you just don’t like good thrash. This album is a relentless onslaught of riffs,no dull moments no ballads just in your face classic crust/death monster.Every song on here kicks ass the best in my opinion are „Swamp of Destruction (Brumadinho – MG)” and „”. „Swamp of Destruction (Brumadinho – MG)” is a great opener to Extinction Remains part of the split , starts off really crunchy then just picks up with the vocals and makes you headbang like mad. „Ecological Collapse” is really catchy with the guitar and drum work and Arthur vocals really kick ass on this track.
Overall, this is a great release, fusing genres in a revolutionary combination that should not be missed by an self-respecting metal head. Give it a listen and feel the power known as Extinction Remains.Buy or die!!!