Maelstrom – Sunlight



Maelstrom is a Glasgow based Black/Doom metal outfit who is not your usual „black t-shirts and jeans” metal band, instead taking to the stage in a uniform of white shirts, black ties and an unrivaled crushing fury.
New album „Sunlight” is, simply put, an excellent follow-up to „The Midnight EP” from 2012. It differs from its predecessor in many ways, though.The most striking difference, when compared to the previous album, is the production. the comparisons with Emperor are not as obvious here as on the previous albums. Surely, some riffs and the use of keyboards are still quite similar to what we can hear on Emperor’s albums, yet most of the elements of Maelstrom music cannot be so easily likened to Emperor any more.Interludes are still a very important point in Maelstrom but they are not offensive or a filler’s by any means and attract a lot of attention.The keyboards are often play quite elaborate parts but mostly they are not high enough in the mix to really stand out (unless you are a keyboards-in-metal-hater in which case they will hurt your ears even if they are barely audible). Sometimes the keyboards form a very atmospheric background , sometimes they are very prominent.The songs are well-structured and the riffs vary vary from quite melodic to rhythm-based ones.Maelstrom plays the combination of uncompromising black metal and melody , more quiet moments and a really good composition of the songs,the guitar riffs are catchy and well composed. The sound of the guitars themselves are full-bodied and resonant. The bass line is audible and full at that, and backs the guitars perfectly.The drums aren’t all blast-beats, but that style is very prevalent on this album. There are occasional sections where the drums slow down to add an overall slower feeling to the music. Each song has a hook you won’t forget and another individual element about Maelstrom are the highly variable vocals.This band is not your normal boring clone, they create fantastic catchy symphonic black metal..All in all „Sunlight” is an impressive and exciting piece of progressive-black metal art.This album is a good representative of what symphonic black metal is all about. This is recommended to black metal fans, symphonic metal fans, and fans of extreme metal..I look forward to what they will come up with next.