Maggoth - Maggoth

Maggoth – „Maggoth”
Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

Maybe someone else also remembers the Maggoth,Polish band from Pabianice, which 8 years ago released quite a neat debut „System Error” in the climate of the Bay Area Titan’s. But with the new album,Maggoth decided to completely rebuild their style and surprise the scene with a album, which no one would follow did not expect. The album was simply titled „Maggoth”, and the publisher dared to become Defense Records.
Maggoth isn’t for everyone. To those who do find technical but full of groove and odd time signatures, polyrythms, then this is a pure treat. Amazing guitars, insane drums, great screaming, and overall craziness are all over this album.These guys can truly make something special.
Personally,for me the entire concept of „Maggoth” is dark and some form also depressive. In-your-face vocals, the balanced mix with all the instruments present and the highly compressed production just adds another dimension the the sound of the band, making it even less-accesible for the regular (or average) metal listener.The entirety of the „Maggoth” is composed of track titles which follow a numerical system of order.The style here is unrefined, sure but make no mistake, though, this is punishing.
The metal on this album is very heavy, fast, technical and satisfying. The riffs are staccato and fly all over the place. The guitar does not sound like any thing else out there. There are dozens of strange time signatures and sudden tempo changes which catch interest. The guitars are thick as hell and sound like heavy, heavy rocks being thrown around. They puncture your ears if turned up to loud-thats a good thing.
Most songs go by at a quick pace with drumming that feels less like a „drum machine” and more like someone who practices a crapton and sacrifices his social life for drumming perfection. The rhythms are mostly headbangable, and that I feel is another area of genius for „Maggoth”: they got really technical without losing the headbangability.
Every riff is full of passion, every riff is full of anger, and that’s the odd paradox about Maggoth. You get some off the strangest,blend of metal music ever but there’s still plenty of humanity in some form or the other. Maybe that’s just me though.Nonetheless, this is a very good album.Well worth getting for strange people who like strange music.