Magnanimus – „Impure Ways Beyond Shadows”
Old Temple

Since having discovered more than 20 years ago Totten Korps,Sadism,Torturer or Atomic Aggressor I began always more and more attracted by everything that came from Chile in brutal death metal field. Among my good discoveries, a band in particular astonished me for the inhuman level of brutality it had inside, and that band is exactly this Magnanimus. They are truly amazing and they are able to take their influences from lots of extreme sides and bands. Their style is not simply brutal death metal but has also inside a great level of technique and the musicianship of these guys is just enviable.” Impure Ways Beyond Shadows ” is the second album of these Chilean Death Metal combo, originally released two years ago by Rawforce Productions, now re-issued by the Polish Old Temple.
The content of the Magnanimus second full-lenght makes such a strong impression, because you have the impression of dealing with something honest and painfully real and when you listen to „Impure Ways Beyond Shadows” you are reminded of the good old times of tape trading and borrowing tapes.What we get here is 32 minutes of crushing, horrific death metal insanity. There’s not one blastbeat or grindcore-based riff to be found here – it’s pure, old school violence in the great of Morbid Angel, Immolation,Incantation or Order from Chaos.This is truly horrible music, searing insanity made sound, wrapped in an abrasive, horrendously distorted wall-of-noise production, rawer than a steak that’s still on the cow.
After the short intro „Black Wind Divinity”,
where we are greeted by the sound of a swarm of flies hovering over a corpse , right from the second track, “Raising the Misery Subjugator”, Magnanimus show no remorse in martyrizing our poor ears.Amon Horenheb’s vocals belch over the top of the cacophony like some enraged ghoul (which has the ability to empower you to go and join Satan’s army) , while the guitars run through a series of ear-ripping riffs underpinned by fuzz-encrusted bass abuse and a neverending gamut of time changes.There isn’t a moment to relax because when “The Lugubrious Abomination of Torment – Funeral of the Cristence” comes, everything explodes we haven’t met a moment to chill out.The drums on this album are incredible. They are precise, defined and fairly rigid. They are the muscle system of the album and make it sound like a fucking power house! There is blast beats, which can get old from time to time, but the drums are like the keyboards in a certain sense because they are syncopated and accent with a majority of the guitar work but the drums of course are there constantly. This kind of drumming is some of the best kind because of the technicality and the way it allows the music to become one entity.The tempo is always fast and now some Morbid Angel oriented riffs come to bring the sound a more dissonant and complicated sound.The guitars are just amazing because they concentrate everything in few seconds, from technique to brutality and catchiness. The riffage is precise and it’s amazing to imagine them playing in that way. The presence of more dissonant riffs in some parts, just to create small breaks between the hyper brutal, canonical death riffs. They are really welcome because they are always powerful and add something more to an already excellent, brutal and various songwriting to make the whole sound more obscure and damned. Everything here is voted to the sheer power, to the speed of the instruments and the brutality of the vocals.
All in all, being a truly blasting effort, it’s not recommended to anyone because it could annoy or bore someone not into this music. It’s brutal death, so it’s hyper fast, heavy and relentless. Sometimes, the intensity makes some parts seem a bit similar and also the originality is not their cup of tea, by the way this is the genre and we are not talking about a progressive form of death metal with various elements. I know for certain I will be leaving „Impure Ways Beyond Shadows” on the turntable for a while and I highly recommend this purchase!