Mercy's Dirge - Live, Raw & Relentless

Mercy’s Dirge – „Live, Raw & Relentless”
Loud Rage Music

Mercy’s Dirge is one of the first,if not the first Romanian Black Metal band,foundede back in 1991,and this is their first full-lenght album initially released by the band in early 2018,now re-relased by Loud Rage Music as digital and jewel-case Cd versions.
These days, surprisingly few black metal bands still adhere to early 80’s ideology of music making. Yes, it’s great to have a raw and simple approach to create dark and evil moods, but it is very possible to convey oppressively satanic atmospheres through a celebration of metal’s roots and a love of accomplished musicianship and skill, so long as the band doesn’t sacrifice that feeling of morbid blackness for the sake of virtuosity. Very few from old and modern bands can do this, and those that do seem almost never mentioned when the subject of black metal is brought up.
The fact that barely anyone seems to know who Mercy’s Dirge are, though they’ve been around since 1991 is perplexing and shows what little regard for musical and ideological integrity and intelligence the purveyors of this scene,mostly record labels, I suppose really have.
What we have on „Live, Raw & Relentless” is a brand of black metal that is free of most of the modern trappings associated with the genre, yet isn’t exactly a throwback in any way.
Solid, midpaced to fast riffs, precise and creative drumming (the way this guy uses the cymbals is amazing) and reverberating, deep and strong growls leading the incantations of necromancy and obscure occult subjects. Each song contains many devious hooks and patterns that will force the listener to take heed, whether they consist of catchy vocal phrasings, subtle bass tricks or or what I call a „cold riff” that is sort of the trademark on this album.After a while one sort of becomes desensitized to the power of these riffs, since they’re flying at the listener with such regularity, but luckily, Mercy’s Dirge have a lot of other tricks up their sleeves.They prove they can lovingly mesh a brutal, modern death metal aesthetic with walls of pulsing atmosphere and razor black riffing.The guitar work is outstanding and these guys never seem to run out of riffs and it’s also needless to say that these riffs are catchy as hell.They are plain awesome, they are melodic, and they are clearly audible so you can hear the awesome rifts, typically guitars are very distorted in black metal, but no here,which is a plus.The drums are the most surprising part of this album, they aren’t typical blast beats or one beat. No this drummer actually has talent, there’s variety and although it may not be so technical, they’re still extremely enjoyable.Now we come to the bass, again, unlike usual black metal, the bass is audible in this, which is another plus because it adds a thickness to the atmosphere that is almost…doom like.
„Live, Raw & Relentless” shows that there is still plenty of good metal out there, and that the scene still alive. One of the most interesting things about this album is the sound quality. It’s raw but at the same time it manages to sound clear, and the listener won’t have problems because every instrument can be heard.
In conclusion, „Live, Raw & Relentless” is essential for anybody that wants slow, doomish sound but at the same time very melodic black metal.