Necrophor – „Reborn”
Sliptrick Records

Swedish group Necrophor was founded with the purpose to spread “The Word of Chaos” by Henrik Eriksson in late 2012. Shortly afterwards he recruited two of his old comrades from Stormrider (Sweden) and the project came to life. Between 2013 and 2015 the trio recorded three 3-track promos that were released as free downloads and received some good press. In 2016, after expanding to a 4 piece, they entered Sunlight Studio again to recorded its first full-length album „Reborn”.
„Reborn” only contains two new tracks seven out of the nine track that the album represents are taken from the previous demos. However, all tracks are re-recorded and once you get past the ill-fitting cover art, Necrophor’s „Reborn” shines like a true uncovered gem. This album takes us back to 90’s, black metal was on the rise and the second wave had begun to penetrate the metal mainstream.Necrophor plays black metal of the melodic variety, one that is polished yet is able to retain the aggressiveness and intensity of the genre at its rawest. Each track will engage you to listen intently to its urgent, blistering pace powered by icy cold riffs, blasting drums and vocalist Henrik Eriksson evil shrieks.The audio contents and lyrics are all in place, and it’s good to get your hands on this if you favor Swedish black metal like Dissection, Lord Belial and early Mörk Gryning, and have yet to meet the opportunity. Necrophor excel at creating highly atmospheric, occult riffing with a dense conjecture of melody and sneering vitriol, sauteed in strapping, straight blast beats and sad guitars. Necrophor’s „Reborn” is very much like a tribute to a genre that influenced the practitioners; however, now that the band has explored the path of mimicry, they are now further driven to build upon this foundation. Some people may complain that this is simply „ripping off” the original artist, but this is an igonorant claim that completely misses the point.If you are in anyway a fan of black metal of the Swedish variety, you owe it to yourself to check this out. „Under a Frozen Sun” not only emulates the spirit of Dissection, Lord Belial and Sacramentum, but improves upon the legacy they have left behind and show both posers and elitists how black metal is done properly and without compromises.