ODIOSIOR – „Odiosior”

Odiosior - Odiosior

Spread Evil
26 June 2020

SPREAD EVIL PRODUCTIONS is proud to present ODIOSIOR’s striking debut mini-album, self-titled Odiosior.

ODIOSIOR is a one-man vision of cold northern black metal, profoundly dedicated to the nightside mysteries of Satan. While a seemingly brand-new entity, mainman A. Vexd is something of a scene veteran, maintaining the more cosmic black metal of To Conceal the Horns and also having played in Ghost Brigade for many years as well, more recently, the now-disbanded Alghazanth.

ODIOSIOR originally released its self-titled debut digitally in 2019, with a limited cassette version later coming via Worship Tapes; now SPREAD EVIL shall spread this recording on CD format. Here on Odiosior, shrieking Finnish curses accompany the fast-paced, razor-sharp melodic black metal with a freezing atmosphere. Strongly in the Finnish black metal tradition, yet adding a personal touch to enthrall the listener to the evils of ODIOSIOR!

Distribution by Militant Underground