Ordinul Negru
Digipak – Reissue
Loud Rage Music

Ordinul Negru’s fourth full-lenght,initially released by Banatian Darkness in digital format back in 2008,”Lifeless” is now remastered and released on Digipak CD format,with different artwork,yet keeping the same underground,misanthropic atmosphere that first made it noticed among the fans of the genre.
I’m a sucker for a really terrible quality black metal demo recordings from 90’s, and I often end up preferring them to the more polished and audible studio albums that come later on. I can’t really explain it, but I suppose I love them for their genuine raw simplicity and the authentic gloomy atmosphere that can only come from recording on cheap equipment in your parents’ cellar, rather than striving to achieve the same lo-fi sound through artificial means as many more fortunate bands with proper funding embarrassingly attempt to, in an effort to appear more D.I.Y.
First, it is worth mentioning that the whole album has been crafted by the Fulmineos,who played all instruments on his own.Ordinul Negru know how to keep the listener’s interest high troughout their releases, and this record simply oozes creativity and variation. „Lifeless” is an effectively subtle piece of atmospheric black metal that works brilliantly in establishing and retaining an atmosphere through ominous drums, background screams, with a satisfying fuzz tone for the guitar.”Lifeless” also features a great variety in tempos and styles. From blast beats and fast tremolo melodies to mid-paced Hellhammer worship to the slower and more methodical arpeggio riffs, reminiscent of Burzum, Ordinul Negru manages to take the listener on a bit of a roller coaster ride.The songwriting is very good, and such clever arrangements make the variety of the compositions even stronger. The guitars have a nice drive but are never overdistorted and muddy, and Fulmineos vocals are much clearer than your usual lack Metal shrieks. The bass on „Lifeless” is often used as a melodic complement, which adds depth to the already well crafted melodic shifts, and adds further drive to the tighter and faster sections. The drums have a very peculiar sound, almost tribal at points, very raw and natural; some might dislike this but I prefer Ordinul Negru choice to the overtriggered trend we get so often nowadays.
It’s not an easy task to describe what an unique atmosphere this album provides. If you want a hint from me, check it out by yourself, you will hardly be disappointed. Just be aware that this album takes a while to be fully appreciated, and grows on you with each listen. It’s well worth your effort anyway.