Ordinul Negru - Nostalgia of the Fullmoon Nights

Ordinul Negru
„Nostalgia of the Fullmoon Nights”
Digipak – Reissue
Loud Rage Music

„Nostalgia of the Fullmoon Nights” is a sixth full-lenght album by back then one-man-band Ordinul Negru,originally released by Banatian Darkness in very limited quantity in 2011 and sold out shortly after,now remastered and presented with a totally new artwork.Fulmineos is probably best known as the former guitarist of Negură Bunget from 2010 through 2013.Ordinul Negru, one of his side projects, was started in 2004. It was a solo project until 2015, when Fulmineos recruited a drummer and vocalist to complete the lineup in order to record 2015’s „Sorcery of Darkness”, the project’s seventh full length album.
Norwegian and whole second wave of black metal was like a refuge for all extreme metal maniacs in the nineties. Of course, not only the guys from Bergen and Oslo rediscovered this very special genre. Black Metal has spread like plague all over the globe, and virtually from every corner of it, you can come across valuable material and one of them is sixth full-lenght of this Romanian horde.
„Nostalgia of the Fullmoon Nights” constitutes one of these 90’s classics aura that lives on its gloominess and authenticity. The songs maybe do not convince all along the line, although most of them achieve a more than satisfying level.But the dark and original atmosphere is the biggest plus of this full-length. Icecold fields, dark forests, dismal fjords and rugged mountains arise before your inner eye. Welcome to the Romanian winter.
Like I mentioned already „Nostalgia of the Fullmoon Nights” has a very majestic and atmospheric presence in the way the songs are structured and how the instruments are played.The guitar sound is extremely raw, the deep Black Metal rasps are some of the grimmest ever and the simple but effective drumming fits the music perfectly. The vocal work has that maddened raving character typical to Burzum’s work prior to „Filosofem” with perhaps a bit more of a whispering quality to it, accented by a somewhat less distant sounding mixing job that what was employed by Varg.Nevertheless, this is definitely an album that adheres to the general principle of rawness in most respects.Along with the raw, ugly, hateful BM, this album also contains an incredible atmosphere. When I listen to this, I imagine in my mind being right in the middle of the battlefield, with warriors all around me falling. Sky high trees line the distance and a pale moon hovers above my head.
Fans of black metal, do not pass this up. It’s dark and sinister while at the same time majestic and atmospheric, all helped by great guitar play, hard riffs, and a tone that you swear Satan himself helped tune. The songs benefit from menacing riffs and a demonic bass-heaviness that easily helps this album stand out among it’s tinnier peers in the world of black metal. Give this one a spin, ideally in the dark.