Paragon Zero – „Omass”
EP – Limited Edition, 400 copies
Pest Records / Co-released with Neverheard Distro

Hungarian Paragon Zero like many others polluting the underground in 2020, ignore everything that has happened to metal since the very first day of 1990. Their music dates back to a purer time when the genre had not seen much evolution, but it had been briefly recycling itself. Tired of that, the hungry and perverted youth of Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Brasil were thinking about pushing the envelope and accidentally propelled metal into what is now known as extreme. Right at this point, enter Paragon Zero . A trio out of Budapest who have crafted a nearly flawless new EP „Omass” released by Romanian label,Pest Records.
I simply worship such style of metal – deeply rooted in the traditions of thrash, death and black of the 80’s, but played with the current ferocity and with absolutely crushing, powerful production. Paragon Zero brings nothing new to this style, but the quality of their music is better than in 99% of similar bands, crushing them instantly within the seconds of „Phosphorous Blaze”, which begins the slaughter.
While „Omass” generally presents a consistent mixture of mostly death/thrash with a sometimes black metal mentality, there are occasional shifts in where the Paragon Zero is trying to go with one song to the next, albeit in a very subtle way and takes the listener back to the early 90s death metal sound with a riff set that definitely traces back to death metal’s original obsession with Slayer, occasionally blasting, but mostly thrashing.
Each song is a great anthem of blackened thrash metal and it is a perfect listening experience; there’re no weaknesses. This will break your bones and knock you out… I cannot wait to hear some more music from those Hungarian demons.