Phobos Monolith – „When the Light Will Fade”
EP – Limited Edition, 300 copies
Pest Records

Phobos Monolith is a Cosmic Melodic Death Metal band that was started in 2018 by guitarist and primary song writer Pedro Vela in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamulipas. Together with Victor Tellez and Willy Tovar on drums and lead guitar respectively, they pieced together a live band that draws influences from 90’s era melodic death doom metal. With the recruitment of Eliseo Lara on bass and vocal duty the lineup became a complete unit.
„When the Light Will Fade” is simply amazing.The songs envision something so truly epic, and the imagery of the words, coupled with the melody of the guitar Willy Tovar pulls off so well, as well as Victor Tellez little triplet „slam” that he does, in addition to Pedro Vela impeccable playing the rhythm section, and Eliseo Lara eerie if not haunting wail, contain the ability to just completely and utterly sweep you off of your feet. This is a perfect union of death metal roots aggression and melody. Phobos Monolith had an interesting style going on the debut Ep, which is a melancholic but extremely melodic take on straight laced death metal.
„When The Light Will Fade” rarely sounds like a death metal album, playing much more with classic, power, and even epic doom riffs.Vocals are still growls, and loaded with character at that, but the music here is classic, melodic metal full of triumphant hooks and solid verse rhythms.This is almost like listening to early Iron Maiden but with a bit more of a classic rock and even 80s rock influence thrown in for good measure. And its pulled off very successfully I have to say. The music itself is extremely melodic and at times has a pretty epic feel to it. I love the bits with the harmonized guitars which along with some of the riffing is probably what in large part calls to mind Iron Maiden.
Either these songs have been rehearsed the fuck out of and embellished during those rehearsals or someone is an absolute genious, because the tightness of the four-piece while flitting from movement to movement is outstanding, as well as all those disparate elements being fully integrated. The masterstroke is clearly Pedro Vela , whose lead guitar is just everywhere and never disappoints, floating melodies across every song with a clear, ringing tone that frequently elevates the songs into epic territory at an instant’s notice.His partner in crime Willy Tovar has plenty of moments too, not exactly going for broke with riffs but providing atmospheric backing. Both guitarists are also credited with keyboards, layering them into songs subtly for the most part with drummer Vesa Ranta ensuring that the more relaxed sections maintain some power and thundering through when the band charges forwards.
For many years now,has anything so utterly blown me away in such a way. This EP, is truly a old-school DM masterpiece and is a must hear, it doesn’t matter what genre of Metal you prefer.