Regressive - Born in the Grave

Regressive – „Born in the Grave”
Defense Records

Regressive is coming from Lithuania and „Born in the Grave” is their debut full-length album, after a couple of split releases and already showed the potential of these three filthy bastards.
The 9 songs of the album are very straightforward in-your-face thrashers. They are executed in a machine gun tempo, with no time at all for faggy interludes or poser-y solos. The riffs aren’t boring at all, despite of them being very same to each other, and the drums, bass and vocals don’t loose their quality and sheer energy during the entire album.
Regressive is a band that gave priority to rocking the fuck out over pristine musicianship and, despite how that reads, it is not a flaw.Music on „Born in the Grave” is a filthy and violent speed,black metal, and that’s a rather apt description. Proudly displaying influences from Venom, Motörhead, Bathory and Tank, Regressive sound is a foul and sleazy amalgamation of those bands. Thrashy riffs with tons of sloppy rock ‘n’ roll styled lead licks and melodic and gruff vocals that only years of whiskey and smoke filled clubs could produce. All nine tracks sound vicious and pummeling, it’s just filthy and violent old-school metal!
The production fits the album perfectly.Impressively, the production is just as filthy and reeking of stale booze as ever, sounding more like a rabid garage recording rather than something recorded in a studio proper. That’s not to say that the instrumentation is garbled, because it’s rather clear and in your face, it’s just that Regressive has found that magic balance.No instrument is left behind, as the guitars and drums are perfectly equalized. Even the bass is amplified in this album, with being very gritty and dirty- a thing which adds the hard approach to the album.
This is a pretty good album to get if you like Black Metal, Thrash and 80’s bands basically. There are song titles, lyrics, and even musical parts that remind me of many bands. From classics like Venom, Slayer, Kreator, Celtic Frost, HellHammer, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and Bathory, to even lesser known bands. Regressive is nice to toss on every so often when you wanna hear something a tad more upbeat.I am not saying this band is totally original and you wont hear some things you heard before. I graded this for what it is though a Black Metal / Thrash album with Old School roots and feel. If you don’t like that sort of music this isn’t an album you are likely to enjoy.
It’s refreshing to know that young bands like Regressive can still bring those classic vibes. Any fan of Midnight and Barbados needs to pick this up, as this is cut from the same cloth of Venom and Motörhead worship. Recommended!