Solium – „Urwerk”
Old Temple

Motor Immobilis, or simply Tom from Throneum or Morbid Execution, invited the drummer of Diabolizer, his partner in the crime at Throneum, to participate in the „Urwerk” session.
„Urwerk” is twenty minutes of old school black metal, bearing the hallmarks of, for example, early Varathron,Sodom or Hellhammer.In the first song from this new EP,Solium uses a slower and middle take on black metal,concentrating on fundamental pumping metal with heavy toned riffs. Through the simplicity of the music of Solium, the guitar riffs and tone is what’s makes the music so good.The guitars are really essential and often they play just open chords notes to be more doom and heavy, with long sounds. It’s completely pitch black, with no sign of light and the echoing production gives you the idea of being in a desolated cavern with these musicians, preparing for black mass.
While first song „From the Womb of Death „are more slow to mid paced, the next three songs in it awesome „Under the Horned Moon” and aggressive „Darkness! Darkness!” which is a killer catchy evil song with a more old-school approach they have a slightly more curved and faster pace. Also „Cold Grave of the North” is faster for the bass drum work but the guitars conserve always that muddy, dirty and occult tune that is heavily inspired by Helhammer.The vocals are minimalist and already black metal oriented with a sick but not too extreme shriek variant or sometimes a tortured growl but still Tom aka Motor Immobilis vocals are outstanding and fits the music perfectly. „Urwerk” is catchy as hell, the riffs are heavy and since the drums are pretty high in the mix, they bring some more ferocity within the sound. In general, I cannot really find any bad songs on the ”Urwerk”.
Solium’s”Urwerk” it would probably be a criminally underrated, neglected, and overlooked album. That’s alright though, because posers need not be exposed to the skull cleaving demolition that this Ep brings.