Stromptha – „Endura Pleniluniis”
Satanath Records
Limited Edition – 500 Copies

Stromptha is a metal music project that was brought to life in 2009 by a musician using the initial J. in Qaanaaq in the northwest of Greenland.On July 21, 2019, Stromptha recorded a demo entitled „Endura”. The Russian music label Satanath Records, cooperating with the Romanian label Pest Records, got interested in this material. As a result, the recordings from the album „Endura” were re-mastered by Shoggoth Services. A new cover has also been prepared for it, designed by Mary Kankava (Hellcatfairyart). After this work was completed, the „renewed” material of Strompth with a slightly changed title „Endura Pleniluniis” was released on March 24, 2020 on a physical CD.
„Endura Pleniluniis” is a mixture of so many different elements. Shoving it into a certain category would not possibly describe where it would take you.There is a good combination of harsh and clean vocals, it has a nice variety, and combines many different genres together and forms them into the Stromptha very own unique sound.The guitar work seems very inspired by folk music but with a dark twist ,mixing excellently slow, melancholic doom and black metal influences.The songs are quite long that shroud you in the beautiful, haunting atmosphere.The music here is not about hooks and making the music stick in your head, it is about surrounding you in an atmosphere of sadness and magnificence, I usually think of snowy and cold landscapes often while listening to this album, It is really more exciting to listen to it in late fall or winter. And prepare for a long journey – nearly one hour of music here. And it is definitely something to listen to all at once, listening to one song is more like hearing 1/6 of a song for this album.
„Endura Pleniluniis” is divided into two parts. The first one is subtitled „Capitulum I: Consolament” (tracks 1-3) and focuses mainly on showing the atmospheric side of the black metal project. The second part, on the other hand, entitled „Capitulum II: Trespassament” (pieces 4-6) presents a more avant-garde style of the project, where despite everything each track on this album blend together like a dream that never ends. If you’re looking for an album full of lightning-paced riffs, you’re looking in the wrong place, however, if you’re a fan of black metal or any other metal, really, „Endura Pleniluniis” is definitely worth your time. An emotional ride from beginning to end, really, full of agression, peace, and desolation. Musically, „Endura Pleniluniis” is a very diverse album, a must-listen and purchase for many!