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1.To begin with do tell us the beginning journey of The Black Moriah and also tell us how and why did You-Zawicizuz and The Mad Arab turn into The Black Moriah?

Cheers Mariano, and Thanks for having us in these times of worldwide Pestilence. TBM formed shortly after my time with Absu. The Mad Arab and I played in Bleed The Son prior to that so the ground work was already beginning.

2.How would you describe T.B.M as a band and how would you like to explain your sound? Which bands worked as the influence or have played a major role to create the authenticity of the sound of T.B.M?

The Black Moriah is esoteric western blackened thrash for a desert funeral. T.B.M. drinks the spirits of past greats Bathory, Kreator, Motorhead, Slayer, Venom, and other Kings such as Loren Green, Ennio Morricone and Krzysztof Penderecki as we frequent dens of iniquity, homes of misfortune and girls of ill-repute.

3.Each beginner band at the beginning of their musical path is comparable to bands with a larger stage experience.Did the comparisions change over the years? I mean, did people notice that T.B.M have a unique style on their own?

I like to think we have left an impression since day one.

4.T.B.M was formed in 2009. I can only imagine a lot has happened between then and now. What has been the most striking transition for T.B.M since its formation?

Well we have come full circle really. T.M.A. and myself started the project and have had the honor to work with many great musicians along the way. So the live line up has taken many forms over the years but the source has remained constant.

5.T.B.M comes from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, which might intensify the dark atmosphere of the music to its listeners. What was it like to start a black metal band in Texas? Did your origin influence your musical choices in any way?

I had the luxury of growing up with many great band just a car ride away. Being able to go see the guitarist of Rigor Mortis play live at a young age defiantly set the bar high!

6.Can you recommend some solid extreme metal bands from your area?

Tons!!! Well lets just say all over Texas as far as area. Necrovore, Morbid Scream, Sedition/Talon, if you had a time machine. Currently Oath of Cruelty, Judas Goat, Steel Bearing Hand, Cleric, many more for sure….

7.I see the influences have emanated from different sources and T.B.M music does not even follow the hard and fast rule of typical black metal. The music is way more ground-breaking than that of the contemporaries. But most of the bands that try to bring together the influences of different genres and try to produce something far out- are just failed abruptly. What is your remark in this case?

T.B.M.’s goal is to create an atmosphere thru music, imagery and live assaults and we’ll use whatever tools necessary. If there are rules we are breaking that suits us fine.

8.You’ve had quite a lot of line-up changes already, when it comes to your bass players and frequent changes of vocalists… Could you summerize what mostly lead to those changes and who’s in the band nowadays?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, T.M.A. and I are the creators of the project. He has been responsible for the vocal arrangements while on drums since our inception so him moving to Lead Vox was quite seamless. We have a group of very capable session players for our live raids and recording sessions. We actually just recorded drums with our newest drummer Inadu, this weekend for an upcoming series of releases durning our quarantine time. There will be more details in the coming weeks on that.

9.I know it must be kinda boring for you, but as a lot of people are probably not aware of T.B.M entire career, I was wondering if you could maybe introduce each of your releases so far in a few words… also mentioning good and bad aspects of the song material that appeared on them.

Our 1st release was a 3 song demo taken from our debut release „Casket Prospects”.
„Casket Prospects” is a collections of songs about the wild lawless past of our territories. It was self released at 1st. Then Floga Records printed a limited run on gatefold vinyl and Mara Productions then released a limited digipack cd.
We recorded a Darkthrone cover of “Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust” for Azermedoth Records.
And last year we released „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace” on Folter Records on Digipack cd & Double gatefold Vinyl.
Both versions include the ep Twisted Axe which was recorded prior to the full album.
Currently we are working on releasing more songs as the world is in lockdown.

10.2019 marks the signing with Folter Records and releasing of the debut album „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace”. Was this an important turning point for T.B.M?

Absolutely. But every time we are able to release tracks into the wild it is a good day. Folter Records has been a commanding force in the underground for decades and its an honor for TBM to be a part of it!

11.Congratulations of the success of the current release. Wanted to say „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace”, gave me a greater understanding of how intense metal music can be also beautifully passionate yet dark at the same time. What ideas came into play when recording of this album?

Well thank you for that! RAotBF is a relentless journey across a barren burnt deadly landscape. It’s meant to leave you scorched, exhausted and ready to kill someone for a shot of whiskey.

12.How do you feel the recordings of „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace” went? Are you absolutely satisfied with the final result? If not, what is the aspect you would like to change about the album or maybe even about the process of recording?

We are very pleased with the end result. It was an album that took much time and effort to realize. Ha, we could have been so picky as to labor over every detail and overthink it to death, but thats not the point. We captured the essence we had envisioned and let it out into the wild.

13.What would you say is the most evident musical difference between „Casket Prospects” and „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace”?

The tempo. From the start of outlining the album. It was to be an ever racing, always moving, unrelenting journey.

14.Almost twelve months have passed since the release of the new album – „Road Agents of the Blast Furnace” and I guess that it is not too early to ask about the response to this album. What are the opinions about it when compared to the previous album „Casket Prospects”?

The response has been great! And as we played more we gained more attention! So of course its good that we have more attention than on our 1st release. It’s heartbreaking to think about the tour our own company, Asteri Agency, arranged for 2020, Revelations of the Ancients had to be postponed. For TBM to open for Possessed and Pestilence was, and will be a massive achievement when we re-boot the tour once we survive the plague.

15.Zawicizuz you have been in the band since its inception in 2009 till now. You also are primarily in charge of composing and writing music?Do you write most of the music or all the members over these years have contributed in composing?

I collaborate with TMA on themes, lyrics and song titles. Then I compose all the outlines for the songs and we forge the tracks from there.

16.What contents do you want to convey through your lyrics? Do you write the lyrics before composing the structure of the music or do you put the lyrics after the completion of the whole composition?Do you consider lyric as a vital weapon for spreading the sickness of your music?

The lyrics play a critical role and form all around the music. Before, during and even after the song is written. The topics are formed from our territories past and present, and the deranged combination of TMA and my imagination.

17.You inked a deal with a very active German label Folter Records. How did you get in touch with Folter and arranged this deal? Did you have any other interesting propositions? What was so tempting in the contract that you decided to sign it with these German label?

TMA and I have been very active reaching out in all directions to spread the audio plague of The Black Moriah!!! And given the opportunity to release our music with Folter it was am easy decision.

18.You are a band which has existed a couple of years and is an experienced bunch of guys. What do you expect from Folter Records?

Folter has been excellent at helping our main mission, World Domination. With „Rotbf” released on Folter Records we are one step closer.

19.I am curious what do you think about black metal – is it dead or alive? Are you interested in what is going on in black metal music? Did you listen to anything interesting in the past few months?

Seems like theres a new “black metal” band playing in every city we play in so yea seems to be alive. I grow weary of microscopic genre categories honestly. Does the song say something? Can the band play live? Did you just play something new? Eh I’ll listen to anything… for a few measures. But just cause you wear corpse paint and chains don’t mean shit if your song sucks! But yes there is new good music everywhere!!!

20.Well, let’s switch the conversation to the live shows of T.B.M. According to many, live show is a clear-cut method to demonstrate an artist’s actual ability. How do live shows work as a reflector of your creations? Can you summarize us about the usual live gig of T.B.M in terms of sound, stage appearance, energy and stage acts?

Yes, the live show must bring intensity and fury!!!! I don’t expect a band to play every note perfectly but I want to feel the atmosphere and energy from the performance. I’ve got plans and ideas well beyond our live budget currently ha, but the goal is always the same. Hit the stage, punch the crowd in the face with an audio assault!!!! Then drink and enjoy more metal with the them!!!

21.As this interview is meant for an online web-zine, I was wondering how important the internet has become for a band like yours? Would you say it helped to get your name out more?

It is tremendously important. Us metalheads want our physical copies and all, but until the power grid goes down music is digital 1st. Don’t get me wrong I love my records and tapes but I don’t have a pocket record player. The future is digital, however long that may be. When the astroid hits we will only have grampas guitars to play/listen to music.

22.Thanks for your time Zawicizuz.You may add any final statement before wrapping up the interview.

I want to give a double barrel sawed off shotgun blast to you, your readers and your Zine for reading this interview!!!! All the above mentioned releases are available on our website in digital and analog formats as well as other merch and news of our upcoming releases!!!


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