Throneum / Moloch Letalis – „Martyaxwar”
Split – Hand-numbered 3,5″ CD
Old Temple

The bands present at this split, coming out under the wings of Old Temple, do not need to be introduced to anyone with average knowledge of Underground Metal.Two absolutely badass extreme metal bands. Both highly ranked and with a relative passion for the underground, as well as both hailing from Poland, this makes a slaying split released on Old Temple Records from the pits of Hell.

Throneum is a band that needs no introduction. The Silesian horde has long made a name for itself, the respect and adoration of old-style black / death metal fans all over the world and every now and then confirms the form with successive releases.Throneum are old as a group and highly known within the underground death metal scene as the leaders in Satanic cult, as opposed to other bands which focus more on death as lyrical illumination.This is a band that has certainly stuck through their roots in their nearly 20 years of existence. +The part of the split belonging to them is only one track „Altered States”, but a seven-minute, unconventional, barbaric death / black metal exhalation.That being said their side of this record is pretty much what you would expect from them-some dirty old school death/black metal, that while being overtly simple in nature, is extremley effective.This is TRUE DEATH METAL and it’s not for the weak at heart. If you want pretty garbage like the current scene puts out , you might want to run to the hills when these guys come around. This is the real deal.This is where DEATH METAL should be at these days…

After these seven minutes of sonic flogging from the Throneum, Moloch Letalis presents his three songs.This horde has already been pounded with elbows and knees on the Polish death / black metal scene, thanks to the great last album from 2018 „Krwawy Sztorm” (Bloody Storm) and they are not going to give way to anyone.Moloch Letalis starting with „Świata zimny zmierzch”, which wastes little time in creating an atmosphere of pure, hellish chaos. The vocals are bestial and the music is furiously primitive.The songs are the typical „guitars match blast beat” melodies that many other bands are doing but Moloch Letalis puts a little more movement and effort in what they do which brings this slightly above the morass of bands influenced by this style of music.Moloch Letalis captures evil, decadent, destructive atmosphere. Satanic, antihuman attitude expressed in the lyrics is the message of the band. Goes along well with most hateful form of metal they play.
Just like old Furia,Odraza,Wilczyca or Kły, Moloch Letalis are another band, where Polish lyrics actually work perfectly and I cannot imagine this band without them.OK, if anyone foreign will put his hands on this split-CD, he may feel a bit sad, as all three Moloch Letalis songs are in Polish, but who would care about that? If you cannot read anything and don’t wanna learn this language, then focus on the music!Let the underground live through death!!!