Towers Of Flesh – Antithetical Conjurations


TOWERS OF FLESH-Antithetical Conjurations
Genre : Blackened Death Metal
Label : Candlelight Records
Location : Birmingham, UK.

Towers Of Flesh is a blackened death metal act formed in Birmingham, UK.This is supreme death/ black art from UK. From begining TOWERS OF FLESH deliver violence and fury at full velocity. Once again excellent drumming, intricate guitar leads, and screams and growls to perfection. They have cranked it up in speed to panzer level and added utter brutality. The production is clearer so each instrument stands out.
This album’s predecessor The Perpetual Paradox”” was already a great punch in the face, but this one takes the cake easily.
‚Antithetical Conjurations’ has even more death metal influences then it’s predecessor and takes the aggression to an even higher level. New tracks crush everything on their way.
The vocals are unbelievably evil and strong, both the shrieks and the growls are totally flawless. ‚Antithetical Conjurations’ is also a very technical album, especially in the guitar department, there are not many slow moments to find here and even at this incredible speed, the riffs and solos that spit out are still astounding.
The drums are always the same, blast!! Not that this is bad, I mean, it’s great,A.C and his speed and his technical abilites are even beyond awesome, he’s a maniac behind the kit!
In an overall this album is a great effort from TOWERS OF FLESH and it deserves a lot of attention. If you are into brutal death metal and black metal I totaly recomend it, but do not expect to find a Darkthrone or Mayhem clone. TOWERS OF FLESH has built their own style already!