Vathos – „Underwater”
Loud Rage Music

The post-black metal band Váthos started in the fall of 2017, based in Bucharest, Romania.The evolution period of our style with elements from atmospheric post black, melodic death metal with a diverse influence of sub-genres from the extreme side of music, resulting in a mixture of melody and aggression.Vathos debut „Underwater”, which came out this year, is a remarkably mature piece of work and are not an adaptation of any band I can think of. Whilst their music will undoubtedly establish some connections between themselves and other remarkable acts across the globe, their sound has a fresh appeal, leading to me believing that this debut effort is a tremendous and emotively charged outing. Records like this demand respect and should justifiably given it. The accessibility of this record is important to it’s marketable value. The distortion, which is present the majority of the time, isn’t too heavy and doesn’t overpower enough to limit the success of this record. Production value has a lot to do with this. The production allows the abiding aggression to ease it’s way into the picture, as opposed to forcibly inserting itself into it. The production is clean enough to give the bass room to breath, which is important to the instrumentation and the free flowing melancholic vibe that persists amid the classy construction of songs.
„Underwater” as it’s creatively known doesn’t accurately show what I believe this band is capable of doing. The songs themselves are good, they’re well preformed and written and bubbling away underneath are some touching ideas of loneliness and despair most in this genre simply can’t deliver on but this is the sound of a band with song ideas and deeper themes this demo just can’t capture. There’s a lot of subtlety in these songs, both lyrically and instrumentally, that establish a consistently dreary atmosphere. It’s an impressive sound to say the least.If you love bands like Austere or early Alcest you will feel the perfect blend & depth of both in this album. Like its being said by all experts, black & post black are meant to be together and this album just warrants it.
This album has been out for a few months now and I have been listening to it every single day since.Needless to say, the first song on the album „Ruins of Corrosion” is monumental. It’s sad, depressing & suicidal yet extremely soothing to the senses. The tempo on this song is somewhat distributed between slow discomfort & decent guitar riffs. But personally, the vocals on this song are solid & the screams have been perfectly distorted with the guitar tone which makes it even more beautiful & tormenting. Expecting the same rhythm in the rest of album, I was pushed back to reality with „The Suicide”. These guys wasted no time in throwing you out from the drowning sea in front a blood-red sunset crying for mercy. It’s fast, old school and an instant classic when it comes to the flavor of post-rock. It sounds more apocalyptic in nature rather than atmospheric but delivers nevertheless. As you progress through the rest of the tracks, you will feel a certain level of monotony but there are distinctive symphonies in each which make up for the mediocrity and is a worthy compromise.
I still wonder why there have been not enough reviews for this band since they are extremely talented and do what they know best, i.e. heavy depressive atmosphere, emotional kill & suicidal lyrics. Keep it up guys!