1.Hell-o Juan! So I understand that Weight of Emptiness originally came out of a band called Twilight Mist, who are a more Death/Black Metal with Doom, Progressive and Jazz Influences kind of outfit. What was the impetus to start writing more depressive music and eventually form Weight of Emptiness?

Hello friends of Absit Omen. In a bygone era, three of the current musicians of Weight Of Emptiness, we participated in Twilight Mist, at that time we had other musicians who also composed, for that reason, maybe the music had more tendencies of death and black metal, but that it was finished in 2009. After that I started composing music and maybe my compositional tendency is something more doom metal, I even participated in the beginnings of avantgarde doom metal band Mourning Sun along with other former Twilight Mist classmates, but with the help of my longtime partner, Alejandro. Bravo (ex Twilight Mist also) began to compose to build Weight Of Emptiness, so maybe for those reasons the compositions have the influence of death doom metal with progressive touches. On the other hand, our vocalist Alejandro Ruiz (ex Twilight Mist and Homicide) had some compositions in the treasure chest of memories, which we decided to take and give them life, he is of a more death metal tendency. So from that mix of influences from what we did in Twilight Mist to what is now Weight Of Emptiness, I think the composition is a little more mature.


2.How did Weight of Emptiness end up forming, and was there a clear idea from the beginning what sort of style to aim for? Is there a clear idea now? When did you come up with the concept and name of Weight of Emptiness?

Weight Of Emptiness was created by a musical void that remained in our lives when we could not continue with Twilight Mist, at least I was without a band for a long time. We never had a clear idea that we were going to do a particular style, just create music that came out of the bowels. And that’s what we did, take compositions that had remained in the inkwell, create others at that time and make them songs. I think that the songs in general are reflections of moods and moments of inspiration that each one lives, we take the guitar and we start to compose. At present it is the same, we are in the process of composing the second album, and the new songs are reflections of the current moments. Regarding the name maybe it was because of that same musical emptiness that I lived for a time without a band, apart from other internal voids that the human being can feel that can be quite overwhelming in certain circumstances, is the reflection of the emptiness that humanity can feel about its existence. In the infinite space of the universe the vacuum has no weight, but the inner emptiness of the frozen souls can become a very heavy burden.


3.Weight of Emptiness were formed in the 2015, but you have already independently released your debut effort, Advance Promo EP „Anfractuous” year later. How easy it was for you to release something in such short time?

Everything has happened really fast, but everything has been done based on the will to do things and the clarity of what we wanted to achieve. At first the will was to create the music as soon as possible, actually I wanted to play live soon again, I wanted to live that pleasant sensation. So thanks to the help of Alejandro Bravo and Alejandro Ruiz we managed to create the songs. Once that was done we started looking for a bassist and a drummer to play that music on a stage, so in mid 2015 we were able to complete the training and finally at the beginning of 2016 we were able to debut with incredible success. Then the next step was to record that music, and we did that. The EP „Anfractuous” was an advance of the LP that would come out later. It was done with the idea of introduce the band to the media and to the metalhead. This whole process was done with a lot of effort, but a lot of people helped us to take this forward.


4.Just as on your debut EP, you recorded „Anfractuous Moments for Redemption” in The Farm Studio in Buin, Chile.Were there any differences you noticed this time going into the studio and recording compared to the last time?

Actually the recording process was the same, there was no other recording. What happened was that my friend Eduardo Poblete was going to go on tour to Europe with his band Mourning Sun in October 2016 and I wanted him to take our record so that the European producers would know our music, but as we were not going to reach to have ready the complete album for that date, we decided to make an EP as an advance with four songs, which were quickly mixed and mastered by our producer Richard Iturra and we achieved the goal that the copies arrive in Europe. Then Richard made a new mix with more time for all the songs on the LP. Regarding the recording process, this was done in two places, first the drums were recorded in the Alba Road Professional Studio, but the rest for a cost saving issue, since this was done independently, we enabled a Home Studio in my home and there we recorded the rest. It was a process of much learning.


5.Were you able to avoid making any compromises, either song or sound-wise, or were there things that you were forced to do because of time or other studio limitations?

All the limitations were for a matter of monetary resources, since we finance everything. So to get to record the drums, we had previously practiced for two months with the metronome to make that process as short as possible so as not to occupy so many hours in the studio, finally all the drums were recorded in 18 hours as I remember. As for the recording in our home studio, the only limitation was perhaps the quality of the equipment used, but we did our best to acquire the best with the resources we had. But the final magic was really made by Richard Iturra, to whom we sent all the recordings via email, since he lives more than two thousand kilometers away, in Arica in the far north of Chile. He worried that everything recorded would sound perfect.


6.Which songs are according to you the best on “Anfractuous Moments for Redemption”? Do you have any you favour or maybe even some you do not like?All the songs from promo EP are also on full-lenght debut, they were altered in any way or re-arranged or are versions known from „Anfractuous”?

To all the songs I have a lot of affection, because they are anfractuos moments expressed in music. But musically the ones I enjoy most are Weight Of Emptiness and Inner Chaos, I think both reflect more the general spectrum of the band, with intense passages and other more calm, with more reflection, chaos and redemption. As I told you previously In the LP a more elaborate mix was made with respect to the EP, since there was more time to do this. There was a reorganization in the order of the songs to somehow group the expressed emotions and create a connection in the journey within each moment. We also decided to include an intro and an outro, to better reflect the name of the album in the musical work.


7.Also you releasing a „Anfractuous Moments For Redemption” independently in 2017, which was re-edited on Mexico in 2018 in a co-production of the labels Concrete Records and Sun Empire Productions. The album was nominated in the „Escuchar Awards” 2018 as Best Extreme Metal Disc.Can you say more about cooperation with these Mexican labels and the award you have been awarded?

The fact that the Mexican record labels have edited our material was made possible thanks to the tour we made to that country in North America in 2017. Within the activities of the tour, we had a meeting with the label Concreto Records and we came to an agreement for them to do the co-production with Sun Empire Productions, with whom we also talked. It was also due to the success of the tour in Mexico, another moment of redemption in our career. In this way to have record labels that support us in the distribution of albums, has been very good to position the band in the context of Latin American metal. Regarding the nomination to the „Escuchar Awards”, it was the culmination of a series of magical events that we have experienced as a band. In Chile there are many excellent metal bands of all styles, so being nominated is a tremendous honor.


8.Somehow I got the feeling that the CD went a bit under and did not receive the attention it deserved, especially here in Europe I must admit. What’s your opinion about Weight of Emptiness publicity and promotion?

For us as an independent band in which everything is done by the same musicians, it is difficult to perhaps approach the topic of advertising in the best way. That’s why we’ve been going step by step and learning along the way. First was the positioning of the band in Chile which I think we have achieved, and in 2017 we were entering the Latin American context with the tour in Mexico and this year we have already received very good reviews and publicity in Spain and other European countries. We have released a couple of video clips a few months ago and we have just released another, I think that is very good for people from other parts to be interested in music using the audiovisual element. Personally I think the band is good but people still know it, that’s why it’s essential to seek the support of the media and touring in other countries. Maybe with the second album we can expand the virus even more.


9.“Anfractuous Moments for Redemption” lives off its variation of styles and that they are combined with so much finesse and talent! Who is responsible for this quite unique mixture? Who did most of the songwriting and how did all these different musical elements found their way into the Weight of Emptiness – sound?

Thank you very much for your appreciation. The compositions in general were started by me in the case of five of the songs, different moments of life, then with the great help of my partner and neighbor Alejandro Bravo we were able to conclude the songs in a better way, as we did in most of the the complementary guitar sections, on the other hand the other two songs, (discounting the intro and outro) were originally part of a single great song made by Alejandro Ruiz, who even has parts made in his childhood, we divided it into two songs, The Silence and Weight Of Emptiness, which have the essence of the influences of their composer. After having had the bases of the songs, with the arrival of Mauricio Basso on drums, he helped us to compact the songs a bit, since they were even more extensive, Mauricio has more than twenty years as leader of the band Letargo. In general we take the songs, musically speaking, as a compendium of emotions and moments, as different stories, that is why the intensities of each moment make the music vary, moments of reflection of a conflict, moments of sadness, anger or chaos, moments of conflict and final understanding, at some point the veil that covered our understanding vanishes.


10.Tell me more about the lyrics! They seem quite dark, but also philosophical to me. What do you express through the lyrics? What’s your message? What sinister stories / feelings do you like to unveil through them?

I must indicate that the lyrics were written once the music was composed and made by different members of the band, the idea was that each one would express a feeling, thought, an annoying situation. Thus, for example, our first bassist in Behind The Masks tells a story of how a person who, like many people, lived subjugated by the political, religious and economic powers by an established order that they hide behind a mask, but he realizes of reality and understands that what is important lies within us. There is a song dedicated to death and another to silence. Weight Of Emptiness talks about the sensation lived by people suffering from endogenous depression and Inner Chaos talks about the struggle suffered by a person suffering from panic attacks. In summary, different moments that through the understanding manage to generate a redemption in each one.


11.To promote the album, music videos where made for „Behind the Masks” and „The Silence”. Can you say something more about them, how they formed who made them…

Regarding Behind The Masks, the video was made by Fernando Naranjo and Héctor Kusma, who after a show of the band approached me and offered me their audiovisual work. They made a script to reflect the lyrics of Behind The Masks, which tells the story of someone who coexists under the yoke of certain powers, in the video he confronts them in a celebration, and after an attractive being wounded him and with pain took away the blindfold. Regarding The Silence, something similar happened because Nicolas Soto offered me the production of a video after a show. It is an ode to silence written by my friend poet Leo Paredes, it was filmed in a rural school in which I lived in my childhood, which had been destroyed by fire, so everything was silent. It complements a story of a crime from a teacher to a student in social risk. We recently released our third video clip of the song Unbrekable, which was filmed by Victor Cerda in a beautiful amphitheater, the song talks about the fight of a gladiator, which was enslaved and forced to fight with his own countrymen, is an allegory of how overcome the power that makes us compete among ourselves to survive, but we must defeat destiny and remain unbrekable.


12.The Metal scene seems to have been blooming quite a lot in Chile the last few years, with a few more bands than usual getting a good grip outside Chile, how do you look upon your scene and what’s your guess on why Chilean bands all of a sudden are getting a grip internationally?

The metal scene in Chile has always been very strong, since the 80s in the midst of the military dictatorship metal was born and grew a lot in Chile. There has always been a lot of metal bands in Chile. Maybe now there are many more. As an example I can tell you that when I was a student at the beginning of the 90s, in my class there were three bands that made metal covers. The difference perhaps lies in the fact that in recent years there are more technological tools to record music with a certain quality, there are many more recording studios and there is the possibility of buying better instruments, equipment and even equipment to set up home studios. And on the other hand the efficient use of social networks allows the communication to be much more instantaneous with the media, record labels and producers of shows. And we used those tools to, in a short time, make notice the existence of the band in various parts of the planet.


13.I figured out that you are a quite active live band in your homeland. You shared the stage with many local bands as Dies Irae, Letargo, Infernal Thorns, Desire Of Pain, Sin & Misery, Opus VII or Cadaverous Incarnate and already played on a few festivals over the summer like Maximus Fest III or Comarcamce Fest II. How important are live appearances for Weight of Emptiness and which were the greatest gigs you played so far and with which band(s)?

Actually the fact of having played so much has to do first with the desire to play live again, we have even produced our own events. But nevertheless the main reason was to make the band known in a short time and to show live the album Anfractuous Moments For Redemption. Last year we did 20 shows throughout Chile and Mexico as well. Our shows are intense since our vocalist likes to participate with the public. The biggest shows I think have been in Valparaiso with the legendary band Criminal and in the festival in Uruapan, Mexico where we share with Mexican bands and one from Spain as well, although the shows that we have participated in Bar Oxido in Santiago de Chile have always Been full of public, I like to play there. Also at the Metal The Black Art Festival in my hometown Buin which is made outdoors in a very ethnic stage.


14.Between October 27 and November 4, 2017, Weight Of Emptiness tour 6 cities in Mexico to promote your LP „Anfractuous Moments For Redemption”.It has met your expectations? Also I am curious to know how the Mexican Metalheads reacted to your performances, known to the savagery of the Mexican audience. In each of these six cities you played with different bands, you made some friendships that may result in some form of collaborative split-sharing and so on in the future?

The thing about Mexico was completely magical. Everything was born from an interview with Guillermo Lobos, correspondent in Chile of the radio program of Guadalajara, Mexico Ore Diaboli in 2016. After that, they offered to collaborate with the program by interviewing Chilean bands, which I still do. They helped me to contact the Mexican producers so we could put together the tour. The Mexican audience turned out to be quite intense, there was a lot of affection towards the band, we felt at home. Many friendships were made there. In fact, I now collaborate with interviews in three Mexican media, the radio programs Ore Diaboli de Guadalajara and El Criaturismo in Mexico City and the fanzine Trono de Ratas where my great friend Arturo Martínez, who welcomed us as his family, invited us to eating at home, took us to know Mexico City and the pyramids of Teotihuacán, a great person. We also got the Mexican labels Concreto Records and Sun Empire Productions to re-release our album, which is a great help.


15.Did the high expectations for your second album have any effect on the process of creating the new material? Do you feel any pressure to live up to a particular standard after this stellar start?

Some self-imposed pressure is because I personally like the first album very much, but we are optimistic. We have already been presenting a new song live all year and it has had an excellent reception. We want to finish the composition process soon so we can start recording in a few more months. We do not know if the next album will be better or worse than the first, because they are things of perception of each one of the listeners, but we are sure that it has been done with the maximum dedication and particular inspiration of this moment of the band. We also plan to include an unpublished Twilight Mist song to close that stage of our musical life.


16.What do you want to achieve with your next release? What are your goals?

The goals are to ensure that the album is well received and listened to in as many countries as possible. And I hope to have the possibility of being able to show it live in several countries of Latin America and Europe and where the music takes us.


17.Please tell me what albums you bought last? What are your all-time faves? I guess you must love a lot of stuff, because your music covers or touches so many styles of Metal!

The last years I only buy records of Chilean bands. The last was the tremendous album „Belsebuta” by the tremendous Chilean black metal band Adkan. I went to see them live and they are incredible, melodies, darkness and brutality, what a way to punish that drums. I really like many styles but the pillars that I can mention are Opeth, At The Gates, Emperor, My Dying Bride and Dream Theater to name different styles. In general the bands of the mid-nineties filled me completely. But on the other hand I grew up listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Sepultura.


18.Ok Juan, this is all I want to know for the moment. Thanks for answering my questions. If there’s anything left to say use this possibility!

Grateful to the infinite for preparing this very complete interview and greet the readers of Absit Omen. I invite you to listen to Weight Of Emptiness and to be attentive to the next album to be released next year, maybe sharing live with you in your country. Stay brutal.