Weight of Emptiness – „Anfractuous Moments for Redemption”
Independent / Sun Empire Productions

This band is definitely worth checking out if you like instrumental, progressive style metal, as well as doom, death or even melo-death metal.This Chilean band plays an amazingly good mix of doom metal, mixed with plenty melodic tunes. The guitar solos complement the music in a very excellent way, and it is one of the main reasons why it gets labeled “melodic doom”. A lot of the guitar riffs just have these wonderful vibes of melody and sadness that really complements their music in a beautiful fashion.
„Anfractuous Moments for Redemption” is very solid debut full-lenght.So what is the impact of this album? It’s a dark, groovy, melodic, doomy (but not slow) beautiful piece of art full of atmosphere. The songs flow together very well, and things are not at all repetitive or predictable. The mood of this disc is mournful and gloomy, yet hopeful. The lyrics are oblique, deep, metaphorical, and mature.
The music is relatively simple and not very technical. But the atmosphere on this album is fucking amazing. You can hear so many things with good speakers or headphones. The mix is very well produced and clean, with everything about the same level in in the mix (with the vocals layered above, of course). Thats because the atmosphere, mood, and vocals are what differentiate this band form all the rest.The guitars are heavy and melodic. This band really utilizes the concept of lead and rhythm guitars as they rarely follow what the other is doing. There are a few solos interspersed throughout. The melodies are passionate and intricate. There are a lot of good ideas on display here and for the most part they are used to good effect.
The structure and overall production of this album are excellent, and I can tell these guys put a lot of effort into this recording. Each song has a lot of strength and there is not one on here that sounds like some haphazard filler. What I also like about it is that it is not repetitive or formulaic, it strikes me as different and the varying tempos and rhythms make it much more enjoyable all the time.This is not the type of album you would only enjoy a couple of times. This is the type that is always enjoyable, beautiful and even cherished. The drummer has also done a wonderful job as he provided many different off beats that went extremely well with the music. This band has everything that you could wish for in a doom metal band – from amazing melodic guitars, to very harmonic and depressing vocals and lyrics. As I tried to say before, they are not your everyday doom metal band, and they are a band that shows a lot of emotion through their music.