Worselder – „Paradigms Lost”
Sliptrick Records

WORSELDER is French band which is playing a brutal mix of traditional Metal meets 90’s Hardcore type sounds / meets a Stoner in Thrash alley.The band is deeply and proudly committed to its Pyrenean roots; it influences the atmosphere of their music, which is both dark and optimistic with lyrics marking topical events, as well as historical references. The album’s title and artwork are an evident reference to the history of the Cathar heretics (which proves once again the attachment of the band to is roots), but here the development of this theme goes further. Not being a concept album strictly speaking, „Paradigms Lost” explores all the paradigms humans have wasted, due to religious, political or financial considerations.

The album features no filler and entertains all the way through. The combination of different styles works great on the record and will leave as lasting impression on the listener. Elements of thrash metal, stoner, hardcore can be found, making for a great and unique listen.”Paradigms Lost” is like a kaleidoscope of songs in the magnitude of sonic heaviness and lyrically hard-hitting topics.The drumming „Paradigms Lost” on is intricate and technical, the riffs are catchy and still sound ultra modern, the vocals vary from screaming to a melodic singing voice to whispering and the bass really adds volume to the music without being a slave to the guitars. All these elements come together to form Worselder unique style of hard hitting modern music.The sound of the record is tight and heavy and the riffs will get stuck in your head for days. Many influnces are evident on the album but aren’t exactly easy to pinpoint.
Some may find the rather odd combinations of styles a bit hard to stomach at first but everything is blended together tastefully and makes for more impact upon repeated listens. Fans of many different metal genres can find much to enjoy here. If you enjoy the 90s hardcore or thrash/groove metal scenes or just heavy metal in general, give this record a good listen and you won’t be disappointed.